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Question #1231962770Wednesday, 14-Jan-2009
Category: ESFj ENFj S/N Typing
PLEASE help me see difference between ENFJ and ESFJ! I always thought of my husband as being ESFJ - impulsive, emotional, very open-minded, childishly enthusiastic - showing features as belong to a-quadrant. But living together i see more features from ENFj - no interests in order at home, can spend all day at computer reading new information, don't really care of 5-day long beard. He doesn't show interest in clothing, but what he wears looks good on him. No parties at our home. But he is very friendly, outgoing, open-minded, get upsets for other people moral standards, very sensitive, has his opinion of what is beautiful, will always get the best quality product, will argue and manipulate to get what he wants, dramatize everything, huge interest in cars, computers, new ideas, likes to play, have fun- instead of cleaning, improving house or doing necessary practical things, that's why physical world, including finances, are in big mess. How much being a man influence care for order? Anyone can help? -- Anonymous
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A1 Your description fits the ENFp type. -- Anonymous
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A2 Thank you, that really helped. Never thought of him like that, but reading once more his typology - i got some more understanding. -- Anonymous
A3 a1 yes indeed. esfj are not impulsive and definitely not open-minded -- Anonymous
A4 Agree with A1. "Has his opinion of what is beautiful" suggests Fi - the aesthetic function. -- Anonymous
A5 Correction. ESFjs are not impulsive, but they are open minded. They're rigid outwardly, but they're inwardly flexible. -- Anonymous
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