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Question #1231962717Wednesday, 14-Jan-2009
Category: INTj Appearance
I think I am INTj. I like to give general explanations to all kinds of things. I like theories and abstract thinking. But, I also have other interest and traits that make me think I am not INTj. I am very modest and gentle. Maybe due to age, I understand others emotionally very well. I am easily touched by drama. I don't like to see people in pain. Do these sound like Fe or Fi? Moreover, I like to finish things to demonstrate my ability. Although I am quiet and reserved, I often have a desire to show off myself or a desire to lead others. Is this a strange thing for INTjs. Last, I am quiet and shy-looking. But I learn to charm the other gender by smiling and jokes. I am also talkative around friends or under the influence of alcohol. I like alcohol, by the way. I hope someone will help to sort this out. Thank you! -- Anonymous
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A1 Sounds a lot like me, and I am definitely INTj. While we INTj types can be stereotyped as unfeeling robots because of our primary Ti, we do also value Fe - we're just not very strong at it. We seek out Fe and enjoy it, we just can't generate it very well on our own. Also, our strong secondary Ne can be used to good effect in situations that call for us to be more outgoing, by helping us to think of clever things to say. -- Krig (INTj)
A2 Well just at this first sight you dont seem like an INTj. You speak about perceiving, about being sensitive and about making impression on others, and you sound like someone similar to me or someone I might understand well. So just personally I'd suggest Se or Ni as one of your dominant functions, not Ti. If you're trying to determine your type, I'd recommend what's worked with me: forgetting all about types and functions and remembering your happiest childhood memory (an early childhood memory that fills you with happiness instantly when you picture it). When we're small, we mostly use our dominant function and we know very well what it needs. So when this need is fulfilled, we remember the feeling of happiness for a long time. My Si mother's best memory is sitting quietly on the ground, touching the warm soil. Another way is trying to recollect a situation when someone thought you had a certain quality and you were very angry with them because that made you think they didn't know you AT ALL. I got totally furious when I was called "an absent-minded intellectual"; I am an intellectual, but I don't like being called absent-minded because as an Se, I cannot switch my senses off; Ses are always present in the situation. So perhaps try this two methods. Hope they help... -- Ezis (ESFp)
A3 Can I be ENTp instead? -- Anonymous
A4 I'm afraid I don't agree, Ezis. I think everything the questioner described can be explained by dual-seeking Fe. Modesty, gentleness, understanding others emotionally, being easily touched by drama, not liking to see pain in others, charming others by smiling and telling jokes, these all can be explained by valued Fe, with perhaps a dash of Si thrown in. But the most telling seems to me to be being talkative around friends or under the influence of alcohol - the implication being that the questioner is not normally so talkative, unless the normal inhibitions are removed (whether naturally by being around trusted friends, or chemically by alcohol). Again, this is not inconsistent with INTj. I see no need to assume the questioner is anything but INTj, especially he or she has already self-identified as such. -- Krig (INTj)
A5 I am an INTj, and you sound like an INTj to me. I think INTjs are misunderstood by most people to somehow be 100% cold logic, but I think the effect of seeing through the logical lense is far more subtle than that. I have always hated drama and emotional disharmony. I will say that I used to also think I was able to "understand others emotionally very well" but as time went on I realized that I really have no idea. Being so ignorant in emotions made me think that they could be understood systematically like everything else. This may or may not be the case for you. Also, it's possible you're more of an INXJ with X being on the border of F and T. But most INFJs I know are, ironically, not as disturbed by emotional disharmony even as they understand the emotions involved very well. Being uncomfortable are strong emotional displays, especially of a hostile nature, is a good sign you may have an inferior feeling function. -- Makarios (INTj)
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A6 You certainly have some personality traits common to INTj, but you are too willing to share your weaknesses, I think. I mean, we INTj's are not the most liked type, and that slowly evolves into cocky arrogance and often distrust of others. Though we do tend to show more of ourselves online, so I could be wrong. If what Ezis doesn't help you figure out who you are, try determining your functions. Try to remember what you think when faced with problems. Solve a couple of puzzles and see what function you rely most on when doing so (keep the puzzles varied!) And really, the best way to be identified (as an INTj) is by someone else. Most personality profiles are not written by INTj's themselves, and instead are written from the viewpoint of another type. and as Makarios said, we are often misunderstood. Ask people if they think you're arrogant, head-up-ass kind of guy. If so, then quite likely you are an INTj. -- Gwargh (INTj)
A7 I think you sound like a well rounded person, so socionically from what you've wrote, posters determining your type involves guess work. -- contra
A8 Well, I remember that was in tear when I watched Titanic and United 93, for example. (I cried when I saw the terrorists prayed before their suicide mission and I was so mad at religions). Nevertheless, I'm sure that Feeling is not my lead function. -- Anonymous INTj
A9 "T" types have strong "F" as "F" types also have strong "T". But "T" types don't use their "F" functions in order to get what they want and hardly can control their emotions. They are defenceless in front of strong "F". "F" types take advantage of this fact in order to get what they want, using actively their "F" functions. "F" types can't control their "T" functions and are defenceless in front of a strong "T" argument. -- piccolo_michel
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