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Question #1231962641Wednesday, 14-Jan-2009
Category: Personality INFp ENTp Tests
can the way you think and the way you act have ¨different personalities¨? hi there, recently Ive been very intersted on personality tests Ive taken a few, usually on the ones that ask you about your actions I usually turn out to be an INFP while on another test that asks you about the way you think I turn out to be an ENTP funny thing is that I can identify with both I consider myself very romantic but not in a ¨helpless romantic¨ way rather in a ¨realist romantic¨ way(wich is a bit contradictory I know)Im not very outgoing but Im in no way antisocial Id call myself an introvert and an extrovert at the same time, I have a great interest in politics and sociology (I study international relations) but I also love to write usually poetry (tough I hate reading) I consider myself very weird and completely hate the ordinary Im into indie music, films etc and I love debate and higly value knowledge and also have a great deal of admiration for smart/wise people and merciful/forgiving people, I havent taken this site´s test yet so I hope it sheds some light tough english is not my first language so I get a bit mixed up with some questions -- Anonymous
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A1 (Strange, I always thought I was INTP or INFP but the description of ENTP sounds a LOT like me. I might have to change my mind.) Anyway, these personality portraits usually encompass both the thoughts and actions of each type and frankly you sound more like an ENTP. You don't have to be extremely outgoing to be an extrovert. -- Anonymous
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A2 Im the one that asked the question, I just took the test here turns out Im an xNxP (leaning to INxP)yeah I think Im very emotional but at the same time intellectually developed, Im not the guy that strikes up conversations with complete strangers but I never refuse them. -- Anonymous
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