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Question #1231837244Tuesday, 13-Jan-2009
Category: Attraction Advice Dating Love Marriage
Hey everybody! I'm a male Enfp and I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on how to track down and attract a partner who has a personality type which is an ideal match for mine. -- Someguy
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A1 Hmmm. Well, apparently your personality type contradicts my own, so heheh. I really don't know what to tell you. To me it seems like, when you meet people, you'll know whether or not the relationship will be a lasting one or not.. But that may not be the case with everyone. -- INFP
A2 Well its really easy for me to connect with people but I have so many female friends its hard for me to figure out which ones have psycological types that are compatible with mine. It wouldn't matter so much but the last girl I dated for a long time was an enfj. The relationship ended up being exactly what this website suggested it would. So I'm trying to find someone with a compatible personality because I dont know much about socionics. So does anyone have any tips that could help me spot a compatible type? -- someguy
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A3 Don't waste so much time trying to find someone of a compatible 'type', your head will only explode! -- ENFp
A4 Your dual type is ISTp. IxTx types are most "unemotional". And IxTp types have also big problems feeling other people's emotions or expressing their own emotions even if they (rarely) want. Not necessary cold-blooded. Sometimes quiet animated and may be a good laugh. But ISTp's almost never ever show their real feelings in public (unless sharing the same reason for laugh) and they are extremly protective about their innerself. So ISTp females have quiet "male" logics (related to gender stereotypes) and are quiet enigmatic. -- Cynic (ISTp)
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