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Question #1231490254Friday, 9-Jan-2009
Category: Family Statistics
What type are you and what type are the other members of your family? I'm really interested in how type and genetics are related. -- Anonymous
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A1 I'm an INFp and I think my dad's an ESFj, my mum's an ISFp and my brothers an ENFj. -- Simon the INFp
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A2 My parents are conflictors, mom (ENFp), dad (ISTj). I think my brother is ENTp or ESTp, but I haven't seen him in years so I'm not sure. He's also my half-brother, so my dads genetics plaid no part in his type -- An INFj
A3 I'm an ISFj, my dad's an ISFj too, and I think my mom is an ISTj but she's really hard to type. I have an ISTp brother and an ISFp brother. -- Anonymous
A4 My grandparents are ESFj+INTj and ISFj+INTp. My father is an ISFj and my mother an ISTp, I am an ESFp and my younger sisters are ISTp and INFj. Genetics sometimes plays real tricks: my grandparents are ESFj and INTj and their four children are four ISTps. And if you want more material, here's my father's brother's family: He's an ISTp, his wife ENFp, and their children INFj girl, ISTp girl and ESFp boy. -- Ezis
A5 My stepdad's type is LIE (ENTj); my mom's seems to be ESE (ESFj). Mine is introvert NF. My sister's is ExI (IxFj), probably ESI (ISFj), though. I don't know what my brother's type is. I also have a couple brothers who live out of the house; I think one may be IEI (INFp), and the other possible xLE (ExTp). -- Kanerou
A6 I am entp...esfj mom, istp father, infp & estj brothers. my mom's parents are entp & intj, im not sure about my father's parents. -- Tricia
A7 My mom is an Enfj, Dad- istp. So i am an enfp and my sis is an istj. How ironic. -- Anonymous
A8 My mom is ESFj and dad is ISTj, sister is INFj and Im ENFp. -- Anonymous
A9 I'm ENFj, my mom is IS(T or F undefined)j, and my dad is ESTp -- Jose D.
A10 i'm enfp , bros i think isfp and entj, mmum istj, dad esfj. -- Anonymous
A11 My wife is IEE (ENFp), our first daughter ESE (ESFj), our second daughter likely (not sure) IEI (INFp) and I'm either ESI (ISFj) or SLI (ISTp). So we have EITHER this kind of intertype-pattern: ESE->benefit->IEE->supervision->ESI->benefit->IEI->supervision->ESE and ESE-contrary-ESI, IEE-contrary-IEI, OR ESE->benefit->IEE-dual-SLI-superego-IEI->supervision->ESE and ESE->supervision->SLI, IEE-contrary-IEI. In any case it's a particularly explosive combination. -- piccolo_michel
A12 In another message I wrote I was unsure about our second daughter's type. It can very well also be SEI (ISFp)instead of IEI (INFp). Then the intertype relation with our first daughter ESE (ESFj) has to be mirror, with my wife IEE (ENFp) semi-duality and with me either as SLI (ISTp). comparative or as ESI (ISFj) quasi-identity -- piccolo_michel
A13 I am an INTP, my Mom is INFJ, Dad, ENTP, and three brothers are ISTJ, INTJ, and ISTP. I am my fathers daughter:) I get along with my mom and my ISTJ brother as long as we don't see each other to much. Me and my INTJ brother have tons to talk about, but trying to teach each other anything is a real pain. Me and my ISTP brother have a silly relationship -- Miss D INTP
A14 Mom: ISTj; Dad: ENTp. Sis: ISFp; Bro: ESTp. Me: [see name] -- Soc INTj, MBTI INTP, SLOAN rcoei, Enne 5w4
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