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Question #1231029760Sunday, 4-Jan-2009
Category: Fictional characters Typing
What type is Link from the Legend of Zelda series? -- scarletdragon
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A1 I would say INFJ, Introverted because he never speaks, Intuitive because he does amazing things to save the world from evil including solving puzzles in dungeons, which requires drawing a lot of connections and looking at the "big picture", Feeling because he has compassion for others and has a strong sense of "right and wrong" or "good and evil," and he believes he must save Hyrule. And the last one is hardest, but I would say J, just because he has to make some quick snap decisions and not analyze things for too long, and he also has to stay productive. I would say INFJ -- Anonymous
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A2 He would be an infp. Infp is the fairytale hero. And they have more of a sense of good and evil than any other types, and more feeling to propel them to do good.. also they're the dreamers and I think LOZ has a very infp atmosphere to it in that respect. -- Ash
A3 ENFj -- Anonymous
A4 Link could be many types, but hes definitely not ENFj. Also, link is definitely not a j. He needs to perceive his surroundings, as they are constantly changing. He needs to adapt to what is thrown at him. He's also very independent, so he's not an E. He could be INFp, but which type would be the master of tools that Link is? He needs to be skillful with his sword, bow, boomerang, and hookshot. Therefore I nominate link as an ISTp, the artisan. -- Anonymous
A5 I totally agree with link as an ISTp because as the guy above me said Link is a master of tools. He has no super powers ,but yet he fights giant monsters of epic proportions with what? His sword, bow and arrows, bombs, hookshot, and whatever else he finds (depending on the game). ISTp Master of Tools Baby!!! -- Anonymous
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