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Question #1230118724Wednesday, 24-Dec-2008
Category: Hidden Agenda
Which hidden agenda do you think is best/worst to have and why? -- Simon the INFp
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A1 I think that people would consider their own hidden agenda to be worst AND best to have because they most likely consider it to be the most important thing to aspire for and yet they tend to fail at it because it is a hidden agenda. At least thats how it is for me. I am an ESTp and I consider to be loved the most important thing in life and yet I make it hard for people to love me. -- Anonymous
A2 this is a very broad question. first of all, the best and the worst in terms of what? in terms of helping people function in society? the question is too broad even in that context. -- Anonymous
A3 A2: Just in general, really. Which type is more/less able to deal with modern life, (say in a city, with a job and family), and why? How does ones hidden agenda effect their functioning in this situation? It is a broad question, but I think it can still be discussed. -- Simon the INFp
A4 i agree with you that this is worth discussing. what i'm trying to point out here is that it's WAY TOO BROAD and you need to be more specific. what do you mean by dealing with modern life? there are many apsects to being able to cope with life. let's just look at two. if you're talking about success in terms of wealth accumulation and social status, then i'd say types like estj probably have an edge compared to infps, say. this is very different from just being happy and coping with the stress in life. and the thing is, each type has its own preferences. and the thing with preference is, it's subjective. some people define success as being able to be with their families and have an easy life. others think it's all about wealth accumulation and climbing the social ladder. who is to say which one is right? if i were you, i'd probably rephrase the question to which type is most capable of living a fulfilling life with few regrets. -- Anonymous
A5 I would say that introverted N, which I associate with "to believe", would have the most difficulty a "Sj" structured society. It's hard to have faith in something that would have little faith in you. -- I/O
A6 ok, let's try and define 'best'. i'll take a crack: best function - that which most enables an individual to be functional and happy. functionality i'll define as being able to take care of themselves; take care of their loved ones; and be a valued, useful member of society. 'worst' - that which most gets in the way of an individual being functional and happy. Another thing to keep in mind is that some ppl deal with their Hidden Agenda by working and working at it, and ultimately, conquering it to a fair degree, while some ppl don't reach that level of fulfilment. The usefulness or impedence of a Hidden Agenda function on a person's life will depend largely on how they go about tackling that Hidden Agenda. Some types seem to be better at it than others - ENFj's and ENTj's (Se as Hidden Agenda) for instance are generally very good at getting things done, and have reasonable levels of willpower. I think sex also comes into play - females are generally hardwired with a stronger emotional intelligence compared to males (it's a reliable observation), so a female ENTp or ESTp (Fi as HA) isn't necessarily going to have weak empathy (empathy is only weak relative to their other functions). It seems of all the types, INFp's have the hardest time being functional and being happy, so maybe, based on that observation, Ti is unideal in Hidden Agenda position, especially when coupled with weak Se. -- S
A7 says who? and you are? -- Anonymous
A8 Se HA makes it sound like ENTjs are evil and need money. False. The subordination of a nation beneath our rule will suffice. Because no matter what anyone says in a forum there will be 16 responses, one for each type subdivided by sub types. From the perspective of an ENTj with about 60-75% tacit knowledge of the socion here is my perspective of HA from best to worst. ENTj, INFj/ISFj/ISTj, ESFp, ESFj/ESTp/ESTj/ENFj, INTj/ENTp/INTp/ISFp, INFp/ISTp/ENFp. If it looks fishy that's because it roughly follows the order of relationships. Everyone likes their own, followed by that of their Dual/SemiDual/Illusionary, Activity, Look Alike/Comp/Ego/Beneficiary. Then our discussion groups. Then our Supervi-sor/see. This will hold true for everyone for about, 60-75%, just like my estimated understanding of the socion. Obviously I enjoy my own HA, and that of my dual/semi because they are useful to me. Discussion groups think they know more than you, but they don't. Benefactors are idiots who will listen to good advice, but won't act upon it. While Supers are just idiots period. Thats right INFp and ISTp, you guys just won't LISTEN. INFp have their head in the clouds while ISTp have them buried in the sand. One won't come down to earth, and the other won't leave their cushy surroundings until you light a fire under them. ISTp's "love" is also sadistic. INFp need to "know", absolutely true, more than any other type, maybe they should learn to "know" those who know more than them (Everyone). In my world domination plan I have a place for would-be ISTp heroes, my palace would be surrounded by couches and resting stations to keep them from ever getting up once they sit down for a break. INFps would be given infinite amounts of LSD to retard themselves out of existence. I know what you're going to say, because I already predicted 16 responses. -- ENTj
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A9 I don't care if you know what I'm going to say or not, I'd personally like to say it anyway. FFFFFFFF woops, that's not allowed. -- Simon the INFp
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