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Question #1230049288Tuesday, 23-Dec-2008
Category: INTp
Hello! 1. Do all INTps 'suffer' from outbursts of laughter, meaning, you laugh out loud in inappropriate or appropriate situations ? Inappropriate situation: A bunch of boring/serious people and you in the middle trying hard not to laugh at your own very thoughts, Appropriate situaton: A bunch of 'not boring/not serious' people and you in the middle trying hard not to laugh at your own very thoughts ABOUT THEM. 2. Do all INTps have these thoughts - when traveling by train, car or plane -, about a sudden and abrupt plane crash, etc., and at the same time not being able to stop laughing or grinning ? -- Nodder56
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A1 Well this sounds exactly like me, I have had this "problem" all my life and always thought this was an ESFp issue... Interesting, are you talking about yourself or someone else? -- Ezis (ESFp)
A2 I'm an INFp, and I'm a bit like that sometimes... -- Simon the INFp
A3 I'm an INTP myself, and I definitely do laugh in "appropriate" and "inappropriate" situations. A lot of times, when I reathinking/lly should be paying attention to myexternal environment, I'm daydreaming about something, and I'm either laughing or wearing a goofy facial expression. As for question 2, well, that's kind of, well..., black humour-ish, I guess. Thoughts like that would probably make me laugh or grin uncontrollably, but not so much if I would probably die in the "sudden and abrupt crash". Well, Merry Christmas Nodder56. -- Eno
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A4 A1 - I'm talking about me. The truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth, Ezis. I don't rule out the possibilty of me mistyping meself, no, I don't. I did test as INTp, INTj, ISTp and ISTj. A2 - Thanks for the reply,Simon. A3 - Thanks a lot, Eno. I'm trying hard not to laugh as I type my nonsense here, towards you, in a reply to you. Quite interesting site this is. Yummy. -- Nodder56
A5 I'm glad I'm not alone in this... A4: You sound pretty much ENTp to me. Extraverted intuition, at least, definitely. Eps often test as introverts, so I'd suggest considering being an ENTp. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A6 Oops!Could be true, just could be true. The "ENTp uncovered" description fits me well, too well. It would explain the wacky things I did in the past and things I do ... -- Nodder56
A7 i cant speak for all of us but i am intp and i enjoy going over a "what if" murder, or a freak bus accident, and openly joke about my twisted "observations". and yes i laugh at inappropriate times even while others relate to me their sad tales about the misgivings of life. -- Anonymous
A8 Well, that does complicate things. Oh yes, it does, mr. Anonymous. -- Nodder56
A9 I do that and I'm an INFj... -- Anonymous
A10 yo! stop reading my mind! that was too funny. -- k izzle
A11 ESFp, INFp, INTp, INFj. Hhaha. This is getting better every minute. A10 - and you are ? -- Nodder56
A12 haha, yes. I am an intp, and i do laugh at random terrible times. like at a funeral, when looking at the dead person, my mind would wander into something funny that me and that person did, and i would just start laughing.. the problem mostly comes from the fact that are minds are always somewhere else, and if that somewhere else is funny, we may just laugh. -- intp
A13 Thanks for the reply, A12. Means quite much to me. -- Nodder56
A14 Well first off, I have a similar problem and I see it in people that don't seem to be like myself much. Right now I'm pretty bland because my music transports me to another world, but when I'm not surrounded by pressures or am having a day dreaming spell, I just don't want to contain myself(sometimes I legitimately can't, though I seemed to have outgrown that a bit, sadly). So you think you might've mistyped yourself? Wow, and those are the four types I tended to test close to as well. Well, I can't help you because I don't know my type(though they are saying I'm ISTj, and I'm offended), but if I'm not the same type as you, I think its safe to say that its more based on the individual than anything else. Someone with a developed Ne function who knows how to let it loose, or is "loose" probably tends to do that, I don't know. You sound kind of like me, except more relaxed about it, so if thats just how you are(because I believe thats how I am, I just used to make an concious effort to restrict it and its become automatic, now I'm a more appropriate but less happy person, it sucks), hey, do it, so you don't turn into someone who feels they are an ENTp like myself, but tests introverted and could be outwardly mistaken to be an ISTj. -- Anonymous
A15 I also have this problem and I'm an istp. -- Anonymous
A16 1A) No 1B) No 2) NO!! p.s. when something funny (according to me and the group) happens, and everyone else laugh, I'll laugh along too, but I'll be usually the last person who stops. Sometimes, with a very inappropriate time management (~wayyyyy after others) with LOTS of efforts on my face muscles. At that time, I am usually laughing at my own thoughts about the situation, or if the situation was not that funny to begin with, I laugh hard for laughing hard at such a lame thing! and then, I laugh at laughing at my stupid laughter....later, however, when I regain my social sanity, I feel ashamed and immature and hate myself for being like a child. -- party hater
A17 Yes, uninhibited laughter, especially when there is obviously nothing to be laughing at, is indicative of a very…serious…problem. So typical of INTP. This topic reminds me of a time when friends (including an INTP) and family were sitting around the dinner table having dinner discussions. My father decided to seize the opportunity and enlighten our guests with an update on the condition of his prostate cancer. Unbeknownst to INTP that evening, prostate cancer is deadly serious. Just as my father was wrapping up the details of his latest biopsy, INTP started giggling and then crescendoed into a raucous “HA!” My sister and I gave the INTP a very stern look and then we stared at each other in disbelief. INTP just gave us a sheepish grin and sank back into his seat. For the remainder of the evening, INTP continued to stare off into space. Typical. But at least he stopped laughing and his manners could be tolerated. I found this to be so frustrating because INTP makes up, what, 1-3 percent of the population? So, naturally, we get stuck with one at OUR table. One solution: meds. -- Anonymous
A18 do you really think one type experiences that? intp -- Anonymous
A19 A17: INTps don't make up 1-3 percent of population. There's no reliable way to make a type statistics. Some types are prevailent in some environments, others in different environments. -- Anonymous
A20 Yes. We live in our heads. We are continuously thinking about anything and everything. When my friends catch me randomly laughing they want to know why, as if they missed something. Depending on who the friend is, and what their values are I will tell them what I was thinking or not. Usually what is going on up there is something very random, or dark/crude humor. We mostly do this when the outside world isn't stimulating our interests... Its a great way to break an awkward silence -- Anon
A21 Happens to me all the time!! I just don't bother to hide it anymore, and my friends are Ok with it (even if they don't understand why I laugh!!)... INTj -- Anonymous
A22 I was once in trouble in fourth grade because I was laughing (I remembered my cat falling into the trash can) and, well, it wasn't the best time to laugh. A boy answered a question incorrectly and I laughed, well, the teacher was pretty angry. 2. I sometimes think about a car crash but when it comes to death, I imagine my corpse just lying still. Call me strange, but I always thought of the idea of my body finally at rest while I look at it from a 3rd person omniscient view kind of relaxing. -- INTP
A23 Sometimes. Usually I can control myself very well, but sometimes I think of something so funny I start laughing but catch myself. I'm just so absorbed in my own thoughts, I don't realize I'm in an "inappropriate situation". -- Anonymous
A24 All. The. Time. -- Anonymous
A25 not type related -- Anonymous
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