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Question #1230049264Tuesday, 23-Dec-2008
Category: ENTp ESTp
What would be the biggest differences or smaller ones if you do not mind typing that up between an ENTp and an ESTp? -- Anonymous
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A1 ENTp's have Ne for a creative function while ESTp's have Se. ENTp's are more lighthearted, sensitive and playful, although generally smart they tend to be aloof to tactical approaches. ESTp's tend to be more serious, alert, forceful/assertive and direct. ESTp's like to command/lead while an ENTp would prefer someone else took on that role if needs be -- An INFj
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A2 ESTp prefers to do while ENTp prefers to pontificate. ESTp is distracted by another toy, and ENTp by his own thoughts. ESTp procrastinates on finishing, and ENTp on getting started. -- I/O
A3 what if you do all of those? -- Anonymous
A4 ESTps are good at ordering people around, ENTps not so much. ENTps are good at coming up with new and imaginative ideas, ESTps less so. In his free time, an ESTp tends to look for something exciting and intense to do, whereas an ENTp prefers to kick back and relax. ESTps like to take control of things, ENTps like to let things flow naturally. -- Krig (INTj)
A5 I prefer ENTP. -- Anonymous
A6 A1: the creative function for both ESTp and ENTp is Ti. Their Ego functions are Se and Ne, not creative.. just wanted to clear that up. To answer the question though you might want to learn about ego vs. role functions. says - vs. : active acquisition, control, and organization of visible territory and objects vs. active search for and development of invisible potential and emerging situations look at the first and third functions - that is their main differences. -- Anonymous
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