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Question #1227790655Thursday, 27-Nov-2008
Category: ENTp ISTp Hidden Agenda Intertype Relations Relationship
How does an ISTp and ENTp semi-dual pairing work considering their hidden agendas - ISTp's being To love and ENTp's to be loved? Does this make it more difficult? What about themselves turn each other off? What challenges might they face? -- galar
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A1 In the ISTp sense, "to love" would ensure a continuous stream of positive, stimulating impressions – a self-centred reason. If the ENTp uses negativity toward the ISTp to prove a point or for clarification purposes then there might be some friction with an ISTp, who can become overly negative all by himself. "To be loved" in the ENTp sense would likely be sought to help validate ENTp harmony with the world. If the ISTp uses disharmony for stimulation purposes then the ENTp may feel isolated, which is something the ENTp can do all by himself so would resent any help to that end. In both cases, one would need to be very aware of what adds fuel to the other's fire. -- I/O
A2 Thats very interesting and true I/O Thankyou. Does the negativity and disharmony from each end for clarification and stimulaion ever come to an end? Or do they subconsiously always do it and unknowingly push each other away temporarily? What are the other reasons this pairing might find it difficult to be together? Also, I have read that ENFp makes it very comfortable for the ISTp to open up emotionaly and to be around, does anyone think that an ENTp can possibly have a similar effect on an ISTp as the ENFp? -- galar
A3 "does anyone think that an ENTp can possibly have a similar effect on an ISTp as the ENFp" The answer is no. ENTp may fuel ISTp with some creative ideas, may even guess what's on ISTp's mind, but can't provide any valid emotional help for ISTp. It's the key problem of semi-duality in this pair: They both need and support and what's worse - the form of support that one partner needs another is incapable to provide and even denies. -- Anonymous
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A4 Negativity and disharmony are integral parts of their modus operandi; they just have to learn not to direct it at each other, which can be very difficult task. Another reason this pairing might find difficulty getting together is that ENTp cannot easily follow-through on a commitment, and ISTp won't take any initiative, and both generally don't give a damn about others unless there's something in it for themselves:-) -- I/O
A5 It can never work. They both absolutely refuse to satisfy or comfort each other's PoLR. -- Anonymous
A6 A1 is so right. ISTp and ISFp are worlds apart. ISTps just can't seem to soothe the disturbing feelings of emotional isolation in the core of ENTps like ISFps or INFjs do. No matter how hard ENTps try they always seem to remain emotionally dependent (atleast to some extent) on others almost all the time (and don't mind others depending on them either) and the Fi function is highly comforting and important to ENTps. -- Anonymous
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