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Question #1227286681Friday, 21-Nov-2008
Category: INTj
I have an INTj friend who does not wear deodorant. Any ideas on how to go about making this happen? -- Anonymous
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A1 Shocking, isn't it? -- Anonymous
A2 Have you, er, politely told him about it? He may not be aware that he needs to. Weak Si, and all. Just politely tell him straight out, we INTjs usually appreciate directness. -- Krig (INTj)
A3 Yeah... you don't really need to worry about phrasing it properly and all. Just tell him. -- Anonymous
A4 My INTj friend he smells like a real man. Me jealous of this. -- Cyclops
A5 I agree with A2; as a weak-Si myself, my hygenic habits were horrendous for many years, and I really didn't know that it was a problem. Now that I am aware, I have started working on it more. -- Kanerou
A6 hahaha I walked by a male INTj in a store and he clearly did not bother wearing deoderant. I probably should have run to the deoderant isle and dropped some in his cart. -- Anonymous
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A7 I think the problem stems from the fact that it can be difficult for people to smell their own odor sometimes. Let them know that they could probably use a little "more" deodorant, or a stronger one. This way if they aren't using any, they have a cover and can avoid embarrassment. -- Dave
A8 To state the obvious here, just tell him politely. This has absolutely nothing to do with socionics. -- Arkady
A9 maybe he likes hit pitty smells -- Anonymous
A10 I have a bad sense of smell. I wouldn't be able to tell unless I was very close. Anyways I would tell them in private and politely that they need more deodorant like A7 said...i mean wrote. -- infp
A11 A10: Interesting, because I have a bad sense of smell too... I wonder if it's because of my lack of se or si. I can also spend quite a lot of time in heat, even the extent that it makes me ill, without it bothering me too much.. -- Simon the INFp
A12 What A2 (krig) said is the brutally honest truth. I am an INTJ and I also did not wear deodorant for a long time. In fact I still don't. lol. However, whenever someone complains about it or me smelling or something I make an effort to wear deodorant, especially around them. I usually end up falling out of the habit of wearing it though. I just can't smell myself, and if nobody complains then i suppose they can't smell me either. lol -- Dragifon (INTJ!!!!!!!!!!) XD
A13 I rarely use deodorant because it doesn't work on me. I've even washed up my armpits a few times a day in the sink with soap, and extra deodorant to remedy this. But if I have a day when I really sweat, there *is* a smell. Doesn't matter what brand or scent. But I found my "best bet" - to have any effect - and wear it once in a while. Maybe this INTJ is the same way. By the way, my partner likes my natural smell anyway. -- Anonymous
A14 Tell them when it is just you two. At first they may be upset, but I'll bet that they will go out and buy/use some the next chance they get. It might not be a parameter they have thought about considering yet, and they will thank you later on for adding it to their list (if not verbally). -- Anonymous
A15 Yup, that's the LII struggle, lol. We're often too busy thinking about abstract or surreal concepts to notice our own stench. -- Anonymous
A16 Good for him/her.Deodorant has crappy ingredients anyway. -- Iz
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