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Question #1226567107Thursday, 13-Nov-2008
Category: ISTp Stereotype Drugs
Are a lot of ISTps stoners in high school? Because I know a few, and they're all pretty heavily into drugs. -- Anonymous
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A1 No. That's a behavioral/cultural/maybe even generational thing. I could easily say that most of the ISTps I know don't use drugs at all - some of them don't even drink. -- Anonymous
A2 lol, I knew an ISTp stoner once. (And I don't know many stoners!). -- Simon the INFp
A3 Yah, I noticed that too. IP's, in general, seem to be the most common drug users, at least in my experience, but especially ISTp's and ISFp's -- An INFj
A4 Yup, I noticed the same thing..and as they age they keep it up. I know some pretty old ISTp hippies. I think the only harm they do is to themselves-not pushers or anything. Just mellow people who wanna do their own thing, on their own time. -- Anonymous
A5 My teenage brother's an ISTp and he's a pot head. -- Anonymous
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A6 I'm an ISTp and I'm pretty sure I qualify as a stoner lol. No I'm not a drug dealer, and I don't touch any other type of drug other than pot. A couple of my uhh stoner friends also seem to be ISTp's. -- Suzy
A7 i'm an istp and i love smokin weed. i used to drink too, but when i'm high it tastes so bad i just don't do it anymore. -- Anonymous
A8 i hung out with the stoner/skater crowd in high school, and sometimes the indie kids. a lot of the stoners were istps. remember, a lot of istps are delinquents when they're young. combine that with sensation seeking and you've got the perfect recipe for a drug habit. -- woodrow
A9 Im ISTP and i smoke cannabis and love it -- anonymous
A10 I think so. I'm an ISTP, and have always been very curious about new things. I try new drugs, but I also know ISTP's that are strongly against drugs and alcohol. -- Anonymous
A11 I'm a 38yo ISTp and have been into the ganj since high school. I'm very professional though with a good corporate job and have always been able to manage my smoking and not let it impact my career. -- Juancho
A12 Well I'm an ENFP and for the majority of my high school years was considered a "heavy drug user" by most of my peers. I enjoyed marijuana, Ecstasy, cocaine, LSD, ect. more because of the social aspect of using those drugs at parties. I'm in my senior year of high school and don't use very often anymore because I just sort of got bored with it. -- some guy
A13 You just put 'stoner' and 'heavily into drugs' in the same sentence with the same inflection, so **** you. But on topic, I'm an INTp and I smoke weed most days. It doesn't affect my school life whatsoever, in fact it motivates me. I'd say if I didn't smoke weed, I'd be a much worse student. -- Aphex
A14 Oh goodness. How'd you know? I toke primarily because, when high, I am able to be myself without any fear of coming across as a complete moron or "weirdo." I am also able to acknowledge the feelings I have for people and to express them - however poorly or awkwardly. And the best part about that? I don't give a crap if I sounded lame or half-assed to you because damnit, I was able to show my feelings at all! -- ISTp91
A15 I'll be the outlier as an ISTp who wasn't a stoner in high school and who doesn't care for drugs. -- Anonymous
A16 isfp more even -- Anonymous
A17 I hate drugs which causes me to loose control over myself and my surroundings. I am ISTP. -- Anonymous
A18 an istp here. i wasnt into mj at all in high school, until i tried it. i mean a was way against it and ****. but now afterwards i feel like i could totaly be a stoner. but like a secret, responsible one, with a job and a fam. -- Anonymous
A19 I'm ISTP, and rarely smoke pot. It's more of a once in a blue moon thing. I get my kicks with the "runner's high" and adrenaline. Although I have tried quite a few drugs, I have seen what they do to people and avoid people who are into hard stuff. -- Leon
A20 From what I have seen, strong Si makes certain types (ISTp, ISFp, ESTj for example) seek out pleasurable things more than others, even if they are considered more taboo. They are more likely to seek out alcohol, drugs, food, sex, adrenaline rushes, etc. They enjoy experiencing a Sensing euphoria, basically. -- INFj
A21 isfp i think. my brother is the best conehead -- Anonymous
A22 I agree with A17. I do enjoy drugs (psychedelics, mostly) but not on a consistent basis. I stopped smoking weed because it made me even lazier than than normal.. which is.. Not good. As long as it doesn't start to control my life (quit cigs for the same reason, hate they control me) I'm aight with em. -- Anonymous
A23 If they feel good about it they do it but Istps arent the guys that use heavy drugs...mainly because they wont go to the point where they dont feel in control -- Anonymous
A24 In my opinion, it is mostly the laid-back approach to life that IP usually takes. Both are perceiving functions, and of an introverted sort, so they have less need to be externally productive. In this way, IPs that have exposure to drugs have the potential to take them and continue taking them, because they are less concerned about success and competence. Personally, I, being INTp have never had reason to take them. I find that it is pointless to distort my experience of reality, and I address my problems through introspection, rather than avoid them. They do not cause me pain, although I do occasionally fall prey to believing myself foolish for not being able to keep up with external demands because I need too much time to myself for intellectual pursuits. For the most part though, my aloof appearance has often gotten me mistaken for a drug user by people who know me only by glance. -- A1A2
A25 OMG A14 I couldn't have explained it better myself.!! I feel like smoking lets me be myself, only less awkward and more open. Dammnn I love weed -- Anonymous
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