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Question #1225667168Sunday, 2-Nov-2008
Category: INFj Dating Marriage
I am an INFJ and I was wondering what the best type of man was for me. Also, how can I tell what type the guy is? I am definitely not into being the aggressor so he'll have to come after me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! -- Anonymous
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A1 Personally, I like ENFPs:) But you have to be careful because they flirt with everyone. You won't be able to miss an ENFP because they verbalize their intuition...your brain with just go off. -- paranormal
A2 read about socionics intertype relations, and remember that just because someone is your dual, or any other compatible type, doesn't mean things will work out. there are millions of infjs and millions of estjs, and obviously not every infj is a good fit with every estj. -- woodrow
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A3 As an INFJ, my dating experiences with ES- have been awful. I've found them overbearing and unwilling to acknowledge the merit of others ideas/beliefs. I've also found myself gasping for personal space, because in order to get an ES- to pull back on the reins a bit, it takes a very direct, firm kind of communication that I don't enjoy doing except when forced. I've often encountered "You're great, but my approach to dating you is best because I have determined it to be so." ES- don't get the N function at all, and the ones I've been with don't care enough to understand it. Not good for an INFJ who is trying to find a companion to experience life with. That said, my brother is an ESTJ, and we love each other to death, even though he thinks I take things too seriously and I think his conclusions are tactless and simplistic. Yet, we are both humorous, happy, moderately outgoing people. I would like to know what an INFJ-ENTP relationship would be like. -- Carolyn, INFJ
A4 a1 thanks i'm an e/i nfp and infj is cool, but i have been looking at blogs and seems they like NT's the most -- Anonymous
A5 I've been married to an ENTJ (creative but always right and very angry) and a ESFP (romantic and sensitive but a little crazy and clingy). I've been in a friendship-but-wanting-more situation with an ESTJ (exciting military-type, we both liked each other but at the wrong times in our lives). I've dated a few ENFP's (I just can't date NF's, too similar to me). Currently I'm dating a ISTP. Exact opposites except for introversion. So far I am really loving it. I like the challenge that a more opposite type presents me. It helps me to develop my un-developed qualities. And being with another introvert stretches me to be a little more communicative than is my preference. But that shared introversion gives us both an appreciation and respect for each other's personal space. -- BT, INFJ
A6 ESTjs are great. My experience with them has been very up-and-down. They will do all kinds of stuff for you, but really have trouble with expressing their feelings otherwise. Very practical, often stubborn (in that way that most STs are), and prone to moodiness. My current partner has told me more than once that he thinks that I'm the only one patient and understanding enough to deal with him on a long-term basis. I thought that was a cute sort-of description of duality. -- INFj
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