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Question #1225622127Sunday, 2-Nov-2008
Category: INFj Career
hi,am an INFJ male want to ask what is the kind of jobs thats suits us most and we can excel in them?thank you -- muhsen
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A1 I would say jobs that stimulate you intellectually and yet, has a human touch to it. -- Anonymous
A2 that answer hits the nail on the head. i just discovered i am an infj today and its so true that we want to be challenged but we want what we do to matter and people are what matter. -- cynthia
A3 INFj types can make really good teachers. My two favorite teachers in high school were both INFj males. -- Anonymous
A4 Are you sure about that? One of INFj's defining characteristics is a preference for small groups or individuality and a willingness to continue to learn which would preclude teaching. The best job is scientific research or a creative field such as art or a musician. As an INFj I am actually both as a double masters in virology and microbiology and I tend to write when emotional or draw/paint, whatever I can do to express what I can't verbally say. -- Anonymous
A5 I know two INFjs who are majoring in fashion design. They just intuitively know what looks good and they have a very impressive sense of style. One of them always just cut up t shirts and jeans to look just right without much effort or time. They are highly creative and can make up colorful posters with pastels and poems in a matter of minutes. So I would say something creative would work for you? I know an INFj who is a counsellor and loves talking and helping people solve their problems. -- Anonymous
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A6 Probably a counselor or a therapist as they are excellent listeners, and give very good advice. Something "creative" would also suit an INFJ perfectly. Visual arts, music, writing are all suitable fields for an INFJ. -- Vittorio
A7 I'm An INFJ male and spent the first 40 yrs of my life tryinh to find my niche........I've found it as a primary school teacher...hand in glove1 -- ian
A8 I am an INFJ female that has a friend that is an INFJ male: I was a counselor (I'm at home with the kids now), and he is a priest. He was a teacher, and he is both an excellent teacher and an excellent priest. Perhaps if you are religious you could look into becoming whatever type of clergy your religion has. -- Ygnacia
A9 I'm an infj and looking to become a general practitioner physician. It will hopefully give me a way to serve humanity. The other areas I've thought of were biological research and psychology. -- Anonymous
A10 It depends on what you feel you'd best succeed at. INFJ's can have different preferences. Some are drawn to the sciences while others are drawn to more one-on-one person interaction. I'm a freshman in college and I thought to become a nurse because my parents (Asian) are always telling me to enter the medical field. The thing is that I just can't. I tried to tell myself how this would benefit me because I'd get to interact with people and take care of them but for some reason I couldn't find that passion that I usually would have when it comes to helping others. After praying on it, I couldn't help but be drawn to teaching (which I hope my parents will be okay with letting me switch to). I've always had a passion for teaching. What's most important to me is to help develop young minds to become more aware of themselves and strive to be the best they can be. -- INFJ
A11 Something that uses your intuitive side such as working with people that need your help such as in psychiatry or the probation service. Our local judge is an INFJ. (Before you ask, I saw his picture in the paper). -- ESTJ Female
A12 I'm an INFJ, in my late 60s now. My professional career was as a Civil Engineer designing and building very large housing subdivisions. My total emphasis was on giving each and every homeowner the best possible lot, the best possible siting of their house and all of the issues around it. In that regard I know very well how many thousands upon thousands of people were quietly given the very best I knew how - without them even realizing the effort that had gone into their property. I take huge, quiet, personal satisfaction from this. To be sure there were many other aspects to these designs such as the spaghetti of underground utilities, the design and sweep of the roads, careful and sensitive thought to the design of the boulevards, the placement of visible hardware (fire-hydrants, lamp standards, and especially the placement of boulevard trees - always thinking of the mature subdivision). Sensitivity toward these issues also benefited the neighborhood in general. I was very demanding of my staff to tune in to these issues, training them to think towards the ultimate goal: "Houses are for People". I believe there are very few INFJs in this field, I know I made a difference. To summarize: ask yourself what can an INFJ do that allows them to have a great deal of independence of thought and deed, while always thinking on behalf of their fellow man? -- Anonymous
A13 I'm an INFJ, and am an Educational Assistant, working with developmentally challenged and behavioural students. Great job, the work itself is made for us, the environment is exactly what we need to thrive, and the hours (student hours) are spectacular. Tomorrow is my last day before summer break actually, and I will spend that two months of time doing exactly what I want, usually creative things and spending time with my awesome friends.. =] -- Metaphor
A14 Cosmetology. -- Anonymous
A15 Two words - Customer Service. INFJs are brilliant with people. -- ESTJ Female
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