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Question #1225423795Friday, 31-Oct-2008
Category: Celebrities Duality Relationship
What are some examples of celebrity dual-relationships? Does not have to be a romantic relationship. -- Anonymous
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A1 That's easy: Ashton Kutcher (INFP) and Demi Moore (ESTP) -- Anonymous
A2 James McAvoy (ENTp) and Anne-Marie Duff (ISFp). The late Paul Newman (ISFj) and Joanne Woodward (ENTj), I think his friend Robert Redford is also ENTj. Rachel McAdams (ENFp) and Ryan Gosling (ISTp). Charlie Sheen (ESTp) and his co-star in "Two and A Half Men" Jon Cryer (INFp). I think Obama and his wife are an ENFj-ISTj couple -- An INFj
A3 Metallica's Lars Ulrich (ESFj), and James Hetfield (INTj). -- Simon the INFp
A4 There is a video on Youtube called Scarlett Johansson loves Natalie Portman. The name is only exaggerating what Johansson once said, that she liked Natalie Portman, and IMO, it could be because Johansson is ESFp and Portman INTp, so they might get along well. Another example of an ESFp-INTp friendship is Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox from the Friends show. And to stay with Gamma quadra, the Italian comedians Terence Hill and Bud Spencer could be a good example of an ENTj-ISFj friendship. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A5 If anything...Johansson = INFp, Portman = ISTj -- Anonymous
A6 really? i've always pegged Scarlett as an ISFP! -- Anonymous
A7 Scarlett's not N???? Why oh why... -- Anonymous
A8 I'm pretty sure Scarlett is indeed ESFp, she displays a lot of . Natalie Portman is probably INTp, she bares a resemblance to Audrey Hepburn (INFp) but is a logical type, so that would make INTp her most likely type. I also read one of her papers once and it reeked of . But I have to disagree with your typing of Matthew Perry and Courtney Cox, they seem more Alpha>>>Gamma. Matthew is likely INTj and Courtney Alpha SF -- An INFj
A9 A8: Well I'm not so sure about Courteney, she could be whatever introverted type, probably an Ip. But I'm 100% positive that I'm an ESFp and that Perry is the same type as myself - he's so stunningly similar to me, I understand the flow of his thoughts, every movement and every gesture of his perfectly. In the video recordings, when someone is talking, he smiles the same way as me at the same moments as I do. When he doesn't smile, he looks absent-minded and aggressive, and when he does, he looks endearing. People tell me I look the same way. If he was an INTj, he would be my conflict type and I wouldn't understand him at all. - He's probably an Se subtype, which makes him less gregarious, less comprehensible and more serious-looking and aggressive than Fi subtypes are, and that's why he might look like an INTj. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A10 Ozzy (INFp) and Sharon (ESTp) -- Anonymous
A11 Kurt Cobain (INFp) and Dave Grohl (ESTp)? -- Anonymous
A12 I disagree with A2. I believe that Obama is INFJ, and his wife is ESTJ. Also, I think Hillary Clinton is INTJ, and Bill is ESFJ. -- Ayahuasca
A13 Michael Douglas INTj and Catherine Zeta Jones ESFj. Tom Cruise ISTp and Katie Holmes ENFp. Hilary Clinton is INTj and Bill Clinton ENTp. from friends: Courtney Cox is ESFj and Matthew Perry ENTp. Ross/Chandler ENTp and Joey ISFp. Rachel and that white haired coffee guy thats in love with her ESFp and INTp. Dexter INTj and Rita ESFj from Dexter. JD ENTp and Elliot ISFp from Scrubs. -- You don't know my type.
A14 Are you sure Katie Holmes is an ENFp? From what I've read about her she doesn't seem to be. She has said she hates changes, and seems shy to me. I thought ENFp types were anything but shy. -- Anonymous
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A15 Michelle Obama is definitely an INFj. Barrack Obama could be an ENTp, from what I've studied. Not a duality pairing. Yes, A12, the Clintons are an INTj/ESFj duality pairing. -- Anonymous
A16 Michelle Obama is not INFj, she's not Se-PolR, She's described as a tough, in control, woman, that's not weak Se. She also looks and acts nothing like a delta NF. She's Beta ST and her husband is Beta NF -- An INFj
A17 Ozzy Osbourne is ABSOLUTELY an ESFP. (he's a performer) Sharon Osbourne is ABSOLUTELY an INTP. (she's his manager) they are duals. Dave Grohl is ABSOLUTELY an ESFP maybe an ESFJ. -- Will (ESFP)
A18 you guys have it so wrong! Bill Clinton: ENFP, Barack Obama is ENFJ. Ryan Gosling is definitely not ISTP- Bill Clinton is self-reported ENFP, why everyone says he is ESFJ? HE is so ENFP. -- Anonymous
A19 Barack OBama is ENFJ and Michelle Obama is ISTJ. -- Anonymous
A20 Nicolas Sarkozy ENTJ, Carla Bruni ISFJ -- Anonymous
A21 OK, so I see you can't be sure. Are we just fooling ourselves about this typing thing? -- ISTpJim
A22 I think Barack Obama is ENFJ, Michelle ISTJ. Ozzy is SO not an INFP, are you kidding me? I'm an INFP, and he seems like an ESFP to me. Kurt Cobain I think is an INFP though. -- INFP 2 cents
A23 A4- Monica and Chandler as ESFP and INTP? I'm confused on who is typed as which. But Monica is definitely an ESFJ, and Chandler maybe be an INTP or INTJ... I think if they are Duals, they're ESFJ (M) and INTJ (C) -- Anonymous
A24 A10 Ozzy Ousbourne is an ISFP...check the celebrity types on this site. I'm an INFP and can tell Ozzy is not INFP -- infp
A25 Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are ENFJ. Bill Clinton is definitely not ENFP. There are few types from the delta quadra in politics. Delta's generally can't muster the personality projection needed to be successful politicians - and I think this career wouldn't appeal to them anyway. -- Anonymous
A26 From its always sunny in philadelphia, Kaitlin Olson (ISTp) and Rob McElhenny (ENFp). -- Anonymous
A27 Hillarious reading -- ENTP-p
A28 Maya Gallow<ENFp> and Elliot DiMauro<ISTp> from Just shoot me. -- Anonymous
A29 I landed on a forum once where people were talking about Phineas being enfp and Ferb istp (: -- Anonymous
A30 Rob Mariano (ENTJ) and Amber Brkich (ISFJ). They met and fell in love in Survivor. Also appeared in the Amazing Race. -- gracefully
A31 I believe the Obamas are both ENFJ. Also, I think Dexter is INTP (possibly INTJ, but I lean more toward INTP), while Rita is INFJ. I could see why one would think Rita was ESFJ, though. I just think she has the depth and introspective abilities of INFJ. Chandler is so ENTP. I think Monica's either ESFJ or ESTJ. She's so competitive and not really sensitive, per say, so I think I will go with ESTJ. What about the two dudes in Rush Hour? I'm pretty sure Chris Tucker's character is ESTP, but what type is Jackie Chan's character? Seems INF... possible INFP?? Duals? -- Irene
A32 A27 is right on!! -- Anonymous
A33 Olivia Bensen and Elliot Stabler on Law and Order: SVU? -- Anonymous
A34 OK, now I'm not so sure I got Monica and Chandler right. I am sure as to the types of the actors because I rely on what I see, and Cox VIs as an INTp and Perry as an ESFp, but not so sure now the characters were also meant to be ESFp and INTp. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A35 The following picture illustrates a dual relationship between an ENTP and an ISFP (George Clooney and Renee Zellweger). -- jgbr
A36 An example of celebrity dual-relationship, Dita von Teese and Marilyn Manson (ENFP and ISTP) -- jgbr
A37 Jay-z (ENTp) & Beyonce (ISFp), Barack Obama (ISTj) & Michelle Obama (ENFj)> These typings are really clear to me. -- All In Red (ESFp)
A38 A37 Beyonce is not ISFP but ESTP, Barack Obama is not ISTJ but ENFJ and Michelle Obama is not ENFJ but ESFJ. I hope, I did not hurt your feelings. -- jgbr
A39 I recently watched girl, interrupted and even though [[spoilers for the movie in case you want to watch]] susanna and lisa have a fight at the end, and lisa's bitchiness ruins their relationship, it was a very clear INFp-ESTp duality -- Anonymous
A40 JGBR, you did not hurt my feelings because you are incorrect. Even if my typings are incorrect, yours here are a hit or a miss. I hope I did not hurt your feelings. -- a27
A41 A38, A37 is closer: Barack is ISFj. Todd and Sarah Palin are Ne INTj-Fe ESFj, Hayden Christensen& Rachel Bilson are Ti ENTp-Fe ISFp, Will Arnett& Amy Poehler are Ti ENTp-Fe ISFp, Freddie Prinze jr.&Sarah Michelle Gellar are Fe ENFj-Ti ISTj, John Travolta & Kelly Preston are Ti ISTj-Fe ENFj (He is not INTp imo), Rachel Weisz and Darron Aronofsky are Se ESTp-Ni INFp and Robert Pattinson& Kristen Stewart are Ne INFj-Si ESTj. A36, Marilyn Manson is ENTp. A35 Clooney is ESFp. A10 and A24 Ozzy is ENTp and Sharon is ISFp. A18 Bill is ENFj Fe subtype and Hilary is ISTj Ti subtype. A14, you're right! Katie is ISTj and Tom is ESFj. They are not duals! A13 Catharine Zeta Jones is ESFj Si subtype a, But Michael Douglas is ESTj Si subtype. Scarlett Johansson is NOT ESFp or ISFp or INFp...she is ENFj!Sorry you guys, but she is Ni subtype ENFj and not dual with ENTp Natalie Portman. A1, you are so right that Ashton and Demi are duals. However, he is ENFp Ne subtype and Demi is ISTp Te subtype. -- Anonymous
A42 A40. Ooops! I have made a mistake! Beyonce Knowles is not ESTP (SeTi). She is not even close it. Sorry. -- jgbr
A43 prince william entj and kate middleton isfj -- Anonymous
A44 A43. Their relationship is not dual. -- jgbr
A45 A24: I can see Ozzy Osbourne as an INFp, the American site says so, too. -- Simon the INFp
A46 Albert II, Prince of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock. -- jgbr
A47 I have to correct A36. Dita von Teese and Marilyn Manson (ISTp, Gabin) are not duals. She is not (ENFp,Huxley). Perhaps it "was" a Super-Ego relationship. -- jgbr
A48 A1. Its an Identical relationship. -- jgbr
A49 Scarlett Johanssen and Ryan Reynolds "was" a dual relationship. -- jgbr
A50 X-files, Agent Mulder (David Duchovny) and Agent Scully (Gillian Anderson). -- jgbr
A51 Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Princess Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher) in Star Wars. -- jgbr
A52 Diana Ross and Michael Jackson. -- jgbr
A53 Stacy Keibler (ISFP, Dumas) and George Clooney (ENTP, Don Quixote). -- jgbr
A54 Prince Henry of Wales and The Duchess of Cambridge. -- Anonymous
A55 Actors of "Dempsey and Makepeace" Michael Brandon (ESFp) and Glynis Barber (INTp). -- Ezis (ESFp)
A56 @ A54, prince harry is an ESTp and i'm pretty sure the duchess is ISFj. they have an illusionary relation. i think he likes her a lot because his last gf was an ESFp and he likes the that he gets from kate. -- Anonymous
A57 whoops i meant kate is an ISFp. -- Anonymous
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