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Question #1225027476Sunday, 26-Oct-2008
Category: ENFp Dating Relationship Love
could anyone advise as to what personality type would best compliment a female ENFp for relationship purposes? hehe nice phrasing -- denise
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A1 ENFp fits best with ISTp; they are relations of duality. Basically, this means that the ISTp will take care of your weak points but in a way that is comfortable to you. This doesn't mean that any ISTp will do, of course. Make sure that you share interests, values, etc. -- Kanerou
A2 Sure. Socionics postulates that dual relations offer both complementarity and a high degree of compatibility. As an ENFp, your dual partner is ISTp. -- leigh
A3 ISTp, which is ENFp's dual. After that it'd be INTp, ISFp, ESTj than INFj or a fellow ENFp. btw, this applies both to female and male ENFp's -- An INFj
A4 I like your sentence structure. I would say with very little doubt ENFp is a great match for ENFp. -- ENFp chap
A5 I am an ENFP, and I love love LOVE ISFPguys. They are so sweet, I would almost say that they'te the best match for any girl! -- Anonymous
A6 Hmm I'm an ENFp and idk if i'd like to be with an ISFp romantically. The ISFp types i know seem to prefer being diplomatic over being honest ALL the time. Whereas I like to talk about my and others' honest opinions of things, ideas and people. And comparatively, i think it's more stimulating talking with ISTps since they prefer logic over feeling and so they like to know a lot about random things and technology. ISTps also give a different viewpoint as well - rational vs. the feeling one of ISFps. i also think ENFps and ISFps have different fundamental values, whereas ISTps and ENFps have similar basic values - they both seem to value morals and openness. i think my ideal match is our dual ISTp. i seem to "click" with them. I feel good about myself with them. -- Anonymous
A7 Definitely ISTp. -- ENFp
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A8 I dont know, I'm ENFp, and I find SEI's (ISFp's) endearing in many ways but I am not as drawn to them as I am to SLI's (ISTp's). In fact I find SEI's to be somewhat annoying at times and a bit cheesy. In fact I'd venture to say I'd prefer being with ESTj over ISFp. (activity > semi-dual for me) -- sjy
A9 I am a female enfp who has been in a relationship with a male istp for 16 years. I felt drawn to him very strongly and think that part of the reason was that he presented me with a challenge...we enfp's can't resist cracking the biggest nut. I had hoped to draw him out of himself and he seemed to give me the security I needed and freedom to be myself without judgement. The problem is that I was never able to draw him out emotionally. We get along well, provided I do not ask or expect emotional or much physical intimacy from him. For this reason, although we co-parent well together and manage, the relationship is very unfulfilling to me. My advice is for an enfp to only pursue a relationship with an istp or any type for that matter if they are truly satisfied with that person and relationship as they are. Hoping that person will grow, develop, or want more emotional intimacy will lead to much disappointment and conflict. -- Anonymous
A10 wat about infj ?? -- Anonymous
A11 A10 that would be mirror -- Anonymous
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