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Question #1223375537Tuesday, 7-Oct-2008
Category: Family Intertype Relations ISFj ISTp
Has pretty much everyone here experienced bad quasi-identity relationships? I just found out my younger brother is my quasi and I was surprised, because we get along so well. I'm an ISFJ and he's an ISFP, but we're really good friends and have been basically our whole lives. Has anyone else experienced positive relationships with their quasis? Or have they generally been bad? -- Anonymous
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A1 Yes, and they really are bad relations. At least one of your types is probably wrong. -- Anonymous
A2 I'm pretty good friends with an INTp guy, my quasi-identical. Quasi-identicals should get along fairly well, at least on the surface, considering that they're in the same "club" - NT with NT, SF with SF, etc. - so they should have relatively similar interests. The problem is that there's no deeper connection there, and each will tend to think of the other's way of doing things as backwards and kind of silly, and even sometimes annoying. I find that Socionics descriptions are often much more pessimistic than reality warrants - even the least compatible of relationships can be made tolerable with a little politeness and human decency. -- Krig (INTj)
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A3 yea. socionics is bunk. we're all human and we all have moments where we show behavior from each different personality type. i'm an istp and i have a good friend who is an istj and we get along great. our interactions are pretty formal, but we share a good amount of activities/interests. sometimes he's rigid and awkward, other times weird and hilarious, either way i have a lot of respect for him. -- Anonymous
A4 My INTJ brother is my Quasi, and we get along fine, the problems only arises when we try to communicate how something works, for example if we are both learning how to build something we would learn completly differently, and if we were to ask or teach the other how to do it the answer would be confusing to the other. I have really only had one real conflict with him, and had more to do with a male dominance thing. -- INTP female
A5 I think they can get along fine. The only think is that they are so similar and can understand each other well, but don't agree n everything, which annoys each other. Not a lot of psychological distance. My mom INTJ and brother INTP argue and get annoyed with each other, but of course tey get a long most of the time too. -- Anonymous
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