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Question #1222900230Wednesday, 1-Oct-2008
Category: Astrology Statistics Theory
What is your star sign and what is your type? Is there any connection? -- Katie
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A1 There could be a connection. I don't see why not -- Anonymous
A2 'star' as in horoscope? gemini intp get enough replies and maybe a pattern will emerge. probably not though -- Anonymous
A3 Leo, ESFp. Other Leos I know are ISTp, ESFj, INFj, INTj and INTp. -- Anonymous
A4 There is another discussion on this topic. Please refer to Question">">Question #1192959797 Is there any correlation between ENTPs and astrological sun signs? - ENTP" -- Vlad-INTj
A5 I've observed (in person and through boards) a Leo/Cancer INFP/ENFP link. Makes perfect sense, at least on the surface. In fact, the example on this site for the IEI/INFP is Ray Bradbury, a sun sign Leo. -- Anonymous
A6 I don't think there's a connection. I'm an ISFj and I'm a pisces. My dad's also an ISFj and he's a taurus. I have another friend whose and ISFj and she's a scorpio. -- Anonymous
A7 ENTP and Libra -- scarletdragon
A8 I've practiced astrology for 22 years and personality type theories for about as long. I have found no correlation between one's socionics type and their sun sign, or for that matter, their natal chart. -- Anonymous
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A9 I'm a Leo(non-cusp) and INTp. Hm. -- Charlie
A10 i am an intj aquarius, i also known an estj aquarius, how ever my mother is an infj vigo as well as my ex-gf, you could probably compare the general models of both signs and types, but the mbti is solely based on either your input or a specialists analysis of you, where astrology is simply based on coincidence, and there is far too much criteria associated with astrology, the year you where born, the time of day, the decinance, the plot on the map, and many other things that gives different influence to your sign and above all else your life experiences and how they evolve your brain every second -- Anonymous
A11 Aquarius. -- ESTJ Female
A12 Unknown NT and Libra -- Captain Awesome
A13 Gemini ENFP. -- Anonymous
A14 I seem to be INFP and I'm a Sagitarius. -- Todd
A15 I'm Pisces and INFp. I believe in socionics, personality types and birth order more than i believe in star signs tho -- Anonymous
A16 INTP and a Sagittarius. -- Kawarren.
A17 Libra -- Female ESTP
A18 INTP Taurus. -- Anonymous
A19 absoloutly none whatsoever for me im an enfp and a taurus im only the opposite of a taurus -- Anonymous
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