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Question #1222436415Friday, 26-Sep-2008
Category: S/N Typing
What are the differences between the "n" and "s" types. How can you tell them apart? -- Anonymous
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A1 though i can't specifically say, I've noticed that an "S" type particularly enjoys a backrub. it stops them in their tracks and relaxes them immediately no matter what. i swear, it's foolproof. -- -enfp
A2 It depends -- Anonymous
A3 If you put a bunch of S in a room with some building blocks with the task to build something, they will just naturally work on it together, they are natural team players. However if you put a bunch of N in a room with with same task, they are much more likely to work on the project on their own, they like the challenge of figuring it out for them selves. Not to say that S can't work on their own or N on a team...and not to be confussed with introversion either. Other examples S obsererves the world very much through their senses, and they very much live for the moment. N observes what is not seen, they are able to read between the lines, and they are usually living in the past (NF type) or the future (NT type) and have trouble focusing or enjoying the moment. -- Miss INTP
A4 S people tend to focus in on details and have a better memory for things like dates and names. N people tend to focus on the big picture and aren't as concerned with details. N people speed read. S people don't. S people like to look at the present. N people like to think about the future. S people look at the facts. N people read between the lines. -- Anonymous
A5 One difference I've noticed between N and S people is their eyes. An S person's eyes will be very focused on what's going on around them, jumping from thing to thing quickly, noticing all the details. An N person tends to do a lot of gazing off into space, and you get a generally less-focused feeling from them. There are other signs, but that's what I look for first. -- Krig (INTj)
A6 HAHA, I'm always staring off into space. -- yoshi
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A7 I've heard about the one about finding the uses for a brick (other than building) but I can't remember the rest. I found plenty. -- clown in the sewer
A8 hey, i love backrubs...but i also probabably don't work so well in a group, stare into space...i'm pretty sure i'm an N..., then again, i don't know what my type is. INFP is my latest prospect. -- Anonymous
A9 hahaah A1, i'll have to try that. -- Anonymous
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