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Question #1221954818Saturday, 20-Sep-2008
Category: Typing Celebrities
Arnold.....INTj or ESTj? -- Anonymous
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A1 Arnold? -- Anonymous
A2 INT freakin J. -- Dustbunny
A3 Arnold Schwarzenegger? If so, he is an INTP. This can be proven via V.I. and film footage. -- Appleteck
A4 Arnold Schwarzenegger, ESTP, Self-Confident, Admirable Self-Image, Cognitively Expansive, Interpersonally Exploitive -- jgbr
A5 ESTj Si subtype -- Anonymous
A6 ESTj ESTj ESTj -- Anonymous
A7 A5. A6. I wish I were here with better news, however Arnold Schwarzenegger is not an ESTJ. Simply, he is not that brilliant. His wife Maria Shriver INTP (Ti Ne) is the brain behind him. -- jgbr
A8 A7 huh? ESTj is the only type Mr shwartzenegger is. Not sure how to break it to you, but i know a little more about this than you do. Arnold is not beta quadra and is certainly not ESTp, in V.I. or behavior. Do some more afterschool practice with socionics. Let us big kids do the hard work. I do hope i didn't hurt your feelings. -- A5 and the intelligent socionics community
A9 He is most def. INTJ, let`s think, hmm, planning hes life, bodybuilder, very logical , doesen`t show he`s emotions .. -- Anonymous
A10 Arnold schwarzenegger is probably an ESTJ like A5 said. -- jgbr is bad at typing people
A11 Identical types to Arnold Schwarzenegger ESTP are Joe Biden ESTP, James Hetfield ESTP, Jesse James ESTP, Matthew Perry ESTP, Colin Firth ESTP etc. -- jgbr
A12 A11. Your basically throwing names out there without giving a reasonable explaination as to how these people are all ESTp's. That is the most half-assed typing I have ever encountered on this site! You are like a whiny child throwing a tantrum when you're not getting enough attention. -- Anonymous
A13 Take 7 images of each persons I have mentioned above at A10. and start comparing them visually. You will find similar facial features. This is called visual type identification. VI is as effective method and in many cases it is more reliable than detailed analysis. A12 You are projecting. Check reality. -- jgbr
A14 Arnold is pure INTj. Watch Pumping Iron sometime and take note of the way he communicates throughout the entire documentary: always providing reasons for his actions ; constant use of analogy ; ridiculous amounts of dialogue concerning his internal sensations ; and an endless love for public idolization . The following clip completely illustrates these points:

-- INFp guy
A15 A13. You do realize that VI has been rejected by many and is not reliable. Right? -- Anonymous
A16 Do intuitive people have the strong body structure necessary to become champions in body building? Endless love for public idolization = Admirable Self-Image, See A4 -- jgbr
A17 He's definitely INTj, which pairs nicely in a semi-dual relationship with an ENFj Maria. -- Anonymous
A18 A16 - of course they do. See the creative hidden function to "be healthy." If you think being "intuitive" precludes one from accomplishing certain things, then you might want to reconsider the completeness of your understanding. Type is not destiny. P.S. - A list of adjectives really doesn't help anyone much, let alone make a case for your opinion. -- Anonymous
A19 Arnold ESTP (Se Ti) pairs nicely in a semi-dual relationship with INTP (Ti Ne) Maria. -- jgbr
A20 A19: That would be a relationship of supervision, which would not pair nicely. Yet another point for INTj. -- INFp guy
A21 That's "hidden agenda" not "hidden function." -- Anonymous
A22 I have to correct mistakes I have made at A11. Matthew Perry and Colin Firth are both (MBTI:ISFJ), (Socionics: Dreiser). Arnold Schwarzenegger remains (MBTI:ESTP), (Socionics: Zhukov). -- jgbr
A23 ESE-(Socionics: Hugo), (MBTI: ESFJ). -- Anonymous
A24 There has been conducted a quite sizeable typing effort in order to create a benchmark list of celebrities' types for whom their is considerable consesus. See for yourself: Arnold came out as the textbook LSE (ESTj). His physical prowess and very straightforward ambitions make this a very reasonable choice in my eyes. This INTj notion probably comes from, a MB based website. While I find the idea appealing to think of Arnold as this super smart guy who walks around with a master plan and fools everyone into thinking he's a simpleton, and while I agree that his facial features and wooden expressions resemble a stereotypical image of an INTj, I just can't see it. He became world champion of bodybuilding several types. Could an INTj really muster that kind of physical stamina? And have you heard his speeches on motivation? Would an Alpha type be so simplistic in his approach to life? Granted, this could again be part of his sinister master plan of pretending to be someone else, but could a T-type really pull off that feat for his whole life? ESTp seems conceivable physically, but I find his mannerisms too rigid. He's simply not charming enough. Why not go with the ESTj consesus, then? Arnie: "I consider myself an expert in looking into a particular idea or goal and then going after it without anything else in mind." -- Anonymous
A25 Yeeeeeah... Arnold (Assuming you speak of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and not the 90's Nickelodeon Cartoon "Hey Arnold".) never really pegged me for a MBTI OR Socionics INTJ... I noticed that floating around though. Maria Shriver however DOES, which may be reason for the divorce; classic Innovation/Tradition, Open-minded/Closed-minded, INTJ/ESTJ clashing... that, and of course the affair; which argues EP more than IJ. Arnold only seems INTJ in the movie "The Terminator", robot jokes aside. In the realm of reality he's more the archetypical home-grown American (I know he's an Aussie) Male cut-out [aka ESTJ]. Then again... people DO have public personas and private realities. Certain that applies to celebrities even more so; with constant scrutiny of the press and all. I personally may seem more ISTP than INTJ during first time interactions, simply because I realize the odds of bumping into a NT are low. So I TRY to keep the NT humor, metaphors, etc. to a minimum (unless I come across a blatant N type) and speak the common "literal" language as to minimize misunderstandings and not waste my time going through the Bulls**t of having to explain every little tangent in an attempt to abstain from giving offense. After about 10 minutes of secretly analyzing, if I find the target interesting, I let "loose" (for lack of a better word) and INTJ all over their face. So maybe Arnold is doing the same, except with the intent to seem more relate-able as opposed to my desire to mitigate drama from those I don't care much about. If you're going off his chiseled physique to determine his type... Stop it. Anyone, especially J's in general, have the discipline to become bodybuilders if they so much desire. Not all of us INTJs hate sports/physical activities. If so, chances are MORE likely that you're a mistype INTP. -- MBTI and Socionics INTJ
A26 After much research, I retract my last statement regarding Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is indeed an INTj. I agree with the census. -- -jgbr
A27 A26 What census are you referring to? This one gives 100% consensus for ESTj: Care to share some of that research? -- Anonymous
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