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Question #1221428344Sunday, 14-Sep-2008
Category: Personality
Books and Films- I'm interested in seeing if there is any connection between the types of books and films people prefer and their personality type, particularly if they reflect any personal values/philosphy. Please feel free to offer any theory/evidence for and against this, or just give examples. I doubt there's any strong connection, but would imagine there may be some recognisable trends, regarding general style/themes. My favourite authors are Camus and Kafka. I also love Catch22. I really enjoy films by the Coen Brothers. -- ISFp maybe?
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A1 I think the connection is there, definitely, but it also depends on other factors. Like what literature you have pleasant memories of from your childhood. And if your family members are from different quadras than you, you may still like the literature of those quadras simply because you get used to that kind of thinking and culture. I've noticed I like Gamma quadra music and literature. C.S.Lewis, Jaan Kross, Karel Polacek, H.D.Thoreau, Mark Knopfler (two INTps, ISFj, ESFp and ENTj respectively, at least IMHO.) But I also like Barry Lopez, who probably is an INFj, because I pretty much identify with his aesthetic and ecological values. And Karl May who was my conflict type presumably. I don't agree with everything he states in his books but I like to read them from time to time because they're so different. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A2 Ah thanks for the answer, how can I find information on quadra music etc. -- Anonymous
A3 I dont know, unfortunately - this is what I made out myself... But there is a good Famous Peoples' Types section at, IMO interesting and largely correct, but not 100%. There will always be disputes about singers' and writers' types. -- Ezis (ESFp)
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A4 Frustrating, thanks though. I'll have ago at abusing google -- Anonymous
A5 T types like horror more than F types. And F like romance novels more than Ts do. -- Anonymous
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