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Question #1221173053Thursday, 11-Sep-2008
Category: E/I
I'm sorry if this seems a bit like a stupid question. I'm trying to work out whether my dominant function is E or I as I'm not too sure at the moment. I decided that perhaps it was possible to work this out by imagining whether my dual would be more E or I than myself (once again I don't know whether this is a sound method, but it seems to make sense) Anyway here's the possibly stupid question bit. I've decided that I would certainly be more the attention seeker in any dual relationship and I imagine this would make me the E partner. Is this always the case, or could the introverted half in a dual relationship ever take on this role? I believe my dual would certainly be more assertively outgoing than myself, I'm not quite sure what I mean by that possibly having a stronger Se than myself, does that make sense? -- XXXp
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A1 To me, it makes sense. I know several INTps who seek attention in dual relationships. So I think it's perfectly possible for an Intratim to want to be the centre of attention. And yes, it's also possible if your Partner seeking function is Se, you expect your partner to be "more assertively outgoing". -- Ezis (ESFp)
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A2 this is true,[of A1]. u probably not sure of your own self, as to IorE. the only 'staining material'(jargon for knowing definitely) is circumstance...and while i choose my own tables of reservation and outgoingness as per domain, yet in strained environs i saw definitely that i was an I (and male entp freind is sometimes more what i say makes sense to me). go to, if u iron out thoughts about any socionics related material, his (Ricks i believe) is definitely the site to see. as u speculate now, u will see to be truth.. partners generally iron out roles during the whole process.(i definitely can't stand Ezis in a political word environment as here.. but i like those dominant,social confident,reserved woman in a social environment) -- @sirac
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