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Question #1221055288Wednesday, 10-Sep-2008
Category: ENTp Leadership
It seems to me that ENTps could play most roles in a group, yet tend to be thrust into a leadership role if none other is present. Do ENTps desire leadership, or are they expected to be leaders by others? Are they the best leaders, or can they work inferior to a better leadership type? -- BSG
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A1 If you will put as inferior some skillfull ENTp who spent all his life on mastering his skills, you will just waste him only to satisfy somebody, who does not have vision, resources and competence. There is a lots of famous ENTp leaders. -- :)
A2 I agree with your first statement. I don't know if ENTps are the best leaders, but the one I know is the head of our Department of Linguistics. I don't like him much as a person, but his work as the leader of the department is simply flawless, nobody has ever complained. He manages to do everything in time, knows how to divide the money, is willing to help any time, though in T-style, and solves every problem just as it emerges. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A3 I'm wondering if Entps being Entps make them good leaders, or if its that they are more likely to turn the "j" on when in a leadership position-thus personify a Entj which, as far as i know, are known to be good leaders? -- Tricia
A4 yes i have seen this,,, in our groups my ENTP friend is thrust in the light...and i (intp) take that role of primary advisor. generally we are in agreement on disposition factors (not that this has to be maliciousness we strain toward the cutting edge). cause u ENTPs are always at the front i think u guys loose sensitivity to when a Thing Is, and when u could actually only be bull****ing at the moment. Ideally leadership should shift to the person who has greater expertees in whatever is being approached...but practically this does not generally work out...oh well, only more and more training and retrospect would have to come into play, so-that these things become seemless -- @sirac
A5 To be honest, I don't think J or P makes good leadership, nor does any other letter or function. I think it is situational, Js just tend to take a more consistent, ordered and structured approach to a problem rather than reworking or questioning existing structure(s) like Ps tend to do. In the end, I think ENTPs like getting the attention and power that goes along with leadership and I think they make great leaders. That said, I think we focus to much on individual leaders as humans in todays world. In the future, as more people become educated and confident, we will need to give more people a say in how they live their lives. We can't depend on single leaders to do the job, because as we all know from Socionics, it takes all types. -- Anonymous
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A6 As an ENTP, I definitely not seek leadership roles, unless I deem it the best way. If there is someone who wants to lead then they get first dibs. ENTP's do make great leaders though. Understanding everyone's strengths and weaknessess is undeniably valuable. They also make sure to have a more detail-oriented assisstant by their side. All great leaders do, if not a whole commitee. -- Anonymous
A7 Even introverts can be extremely good leaders, if they got experience, willpower and domain on people. It's a matter on understanding what to do with your people and what they really need, not what they want. (Not dictaorial) -- Anonymous
A8 Yes, I can work, accept and sanction leadership beyond my ambitions and other subjective preferences if a few things are in works; The elements in the group are more or less satisfied with the present order and\or the leadership have good integrity in the matters. If not, and in the case imminent failure leads to panic, disorder or chaos, I am quite willing to take charge if the "assignment" has a realistic potential, and has done that also, in a few occations. But I do not thrive on such, I can put out a "fire", but dare to reconstruct, and would prefer that a good show is run by anyone but me. I have other things to do that suits me better, which probably is a lame excuse for lacking sustained stamina in the planning aspect of leadership. -- ENTp
A9 If the saying "The best leaders are the ones who don't want to be a leader", it is probably the ENTp type of people that they are talking about who don't want to lead. -- Anonymous
A10 Barack Obama's an ENTp. . . is he a good leader? The people shall answer that one. -- Anonymous
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