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Question #1220283045Monday, 1-Sep-2008
Category: Statistics
What is your personality type and how old were you when you had your first kiss? -- Anonymous
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A1 INTj, 5 (not joking) -- INTj
A2 ESFp, not yet (not joking) -- ESFp
A3 INTP 12 -- Anonymous
A4 INFp, 6 haha... first real kiss, not just a little peck on the lips, was 12. -- Anonymous
A5 ENTP female (and a really attractive one, from objective opinion)I was 17. Just never occurred to me earlier. -- Maverice
A6 INTj not yet and I'm 15 - (not joking either) -- Anonymous
A7 INTj, not yet and I'm 25 (So very unfortunately not joking either...). -- Anonymous
A8 ISFj and still waiting...I'm 17! -- Anonymous
A9 12 First really good french kiss, he was 17. I always looked and acted older. Female INTP -- Anonymous
A10 INFP, male, computer programmer. 21, a french kiss. "wasted" 8 years loving an engaged girl. -- Anonymous
A11 ENFJ, female, college student. First kiss was actually earlier this year, with my boyfriend, at 19 years old. I think I waited long enough, but I also think it was because I thought that I'd rather kiss the right guy than the wrong one. So, props for waiting. -- istaygolden89
A12 @A9 you were 12 and you french kissed a 17 year old? Jeez! -- Anonymous
A13 ISTP, 15. but my first real passionate kissing experience was at 17 -- Anonymous
A14 infp and I was 13. -- Anonymous
A15 ENTp, and 12 -- Anonymous
A16 lol. i'm the first ENFp! andddd 14 -- Anonymous
A17 ENFP and 1st passionate 1 was 17. -- Anonymous
A18 estp 17 -- late bloomer
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A19 istp, "5" - whatever. But first real kiss @ 17. -- Anonymous
A20 INFP- i started kissing boys when i was like 5. but my first real kiss was like 15. -- Anonymous
A21 INFp – 15. -- Anonymous
A22 too..enfp at 14 -- Anonymous
A23 ISFp - first kiss at age 27. In a relationship then for a couple years that ended. No kissing after now for over a decade. I think ISFP's can be shy and not meet many people. -- Anonymous
A24 ENFp - 6 lol. And i thought it was just us weird advanced little kids in dallas who kissed at that age haha. -- Anonymous
A25 ESFj 12 -- Anonymous
A26 ENTP - 15 -- entpreter
A27 INTJ-18 first kiss of any kind....... -- ..................................................
A28 ENTp, male, 17 -- Anonymous
A29 @ A23 I'm 27 and haven't been kissed yet. almost had first kiss @ 13, he leaned way into my face, it was so close that i had 2 close my eyes. he lingered there for a few seconds but just thought about it too long. (maybe cuz his friends were near) But almost doesn't count. We infp's are shy too and i haven't really had the chance to meet many people, where I'm at. -- Anonymous
A30 ESFp 13 and im 16 and still with the same guy -- Catiee<3
A31 ENFp and 18 -- Anonymous
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