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Question #1220045128Friday, 29-Aug-2008
Category: Typing Celebrities
Anyone else think Sarah Palin is an ENTj? I also considered ENFj. -- econdude
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A1 I think she's an ENFP. -- Anonymous
A2 Mm, no. She definitely has one of the typical ESFj looks. -- reed
A3 Yes, ESFj is a strong possibility. -- Anonymous
A4 ESFj would make sense, given my immediate positive response to her during her nomination speech (what with me being an INTj and all). I would say ESFj or ENFj. -- Krig (INTj)
A5 Definitely a clear-cut ESFj -- An INFj
A6 At least E-j seems to be a consensus. I listened to her being interviewed by one of the cable channels on YouTube and she seems to have a very developed thinking function for an ExFj. I would also not think 'S' based on her verbal skills, although 'S' seems to be preferred over 'N' in politics. Also, if McCain is an ESTp that might point to ENFj as a natural choice for VP. -- econdude
A7 Huh? What about someone suggesting ENFp? How does that fit your consensus? Wake up and stop making ridiculous conclusions. -- Anonymous
A8 @A7 - If you're going to suggest she's ENFp, why not provide evidence to support that, rather than attacking everyone else? We're not enemies, here. She seems too steady and grounded to be an ENFp, to me, but I'm open to being convinced otherwise. @A6 - I know an ENFj guy who is the same way: very strong Fe, but also able to hold his ground very well in traditionally Ti territory. I think sometimes we socionist types can underestimate the strength of people's weak functions, especially if they're well-rounded individuals. I'm still wavering between ENFj and ESFj for her. -- Krig (INTj)
A9 @a8 On contrary, I also think ESFj but saying that everyone agrees on E-j while there is someone suggesting ENFp is not a consensus. However, if you're simply talking about majority then it looks like majority agrees specifically on ESFj not just E-j. Also, what is this verbal skills and S link nonsense. And assuming that she must be from the same quadra since she was picked for VP? You might just as well assume that all married couples are duals. -- Anonymous
A10 She reminds me a lot of my former student who was an INTp. I know this sounds weird after all these Ej posts, but it seems to me the Ej traits she takes on are just a mask that she supposes will help her in the world of politics. I have observed this in several INTp women. The specific student of mine was the same age and similar job (gas company, but lower position), smiling a lot and looking quite sensitive and friendly, but when we got to know each other better the smile was gone and a good deal of impersonal logic appeared. (This was not because we were not friendly with each other however we got along very well.) Palin is sensitive and at the same time insensitive in the way my INTp friends are, she is very calm, smiling when photographed but not when speaking. Notice that when she speaks about a problem in depth, she loses the EFj mask, starts looking more impersonal and concentrates solely on the objective part of the problem, obviously without the effort that an F would have to put in. Metaphorically speaking, her eyes start to convey Ni, while her speech Te. EFjs use far more gestures and mimics than her. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A11 A10 - that is interesting, if she is an INTp then my ENTj guess is at least in the correct quadra. -- econdude
A12 A7 - if you think ENFp your VI needs some serious work (laugh). A lot of anonymous don't like me, so what is new? -- econdude
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A13 Yes, econdude, it is either my VI needs some serious work or you're an idiot. What is more likely? Give you a hint, read A9. -- Anonymous, A7 and A9
A14 If it helps, here's a video of Governor Palin interacting with soldiers in Kuwait in a more normal manner, rather than a formal speech or interview. -- Krig (INTj)
A15 "What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull - lipstick" -> Ej @A10- your description of your student as an INTp is appears accurate. However, I seriously doubt an INTp would be able to sustain the motivation and drive to extravert as much as a vice presidential candidate is expected. The square jawline - she VI's as an extravert. -- Anonymous
A16 Possibly ESFJ, but perhaps ESTJ. I know an ESTJ woman who comes across much the same. Can be very relaxed and personable (F like)in casual settings (like A10's video), but 100% boss when it's GO time. She is also very family/people oriented. Can order people around, but still remembers they are people (not objects) and tries to see to their well being. Her femininity & empathy makes her seem like an F, but when decisions are made, it's all Te. No mistake about it. -- Anonymous
A17 @A16 - I agree. I think ESTj is most likely. My second choice would be the 'pioneering' ENTj. -- A15
A18 my guess is Esfj -- Tricia
A19 She's very much like my mother,who is an ESTJ. For better or worse, they're both mastered the art of throwing out an insult that leaves you breathless and then following it up with a big toothy smile. Ouch. -- Anonymous
A20 She's just another version of Katherine Harris. -- Anonymous
A21 Sarah Palin, ESTP, grandiosity, Egoistic Pattern, Acts entitled, self-centered, combative -- jgbr
A22 ESFj. I find very doubtful that she's an NT. -- Anonymous
A23 A22 I know it is hard to believe. She is a self-confident ESTP.

-- jgbr
A24 enfp -- Anonymous
A25 A23, she does seem quite self-aggrandizing to me. ESTp may not be too hard to imagine. -- Anonymous
A26 No I don't think she is an ENTj. Or ENFp or ESTp. She is ESFj Fe subtype. -- Anonymous
A27 I was inaccurate before (A21, A23). Sarah Palin (MBTI: ESFP), (1.Se, 2.Fi), (Napoleon), "The Life of the Party", "The Diplomat", Gregarious, Optimistic, Cheerful, Generous, Caring, Sociable, melodramatic, seductive, entertainer, keen observers of others, want to give others the freedom they value themselves, very alert to nonverbal cues etc.

-- jgbr
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