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Question #1219777270Tuesday, 26-Aug-2008
Category: Typing Celebrities
What type is Katherine Harris. -- Dustbunny
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A1 probably some SF. Her erratic personality should explain the rest. -- Anonymous
A2 "Perhaps the worst blow to Harris's campaign has been the stories that have emerged from former staffers. They describe a Jekyll-and-Hyde candidate who can be seductively charming at one moment and pitch a temper tantrum the next, throwing a cellphone at a wall or a sheaf of papers at a campaign manager. Former chief adviser Ed Rollins, who managed Ronald Reagan's reelection to the White House in 1984, said working for Harris was like "being in insanity camp." He likened her staff to dogs that have been kicked." "Several of her former staffers say they would have kept silent about goings-on in the Harris campaign if Harris herself had not publicly criticized them after they left, accusing them of being bad at their jobs, of putting "knives in my back" and of working with the Nelson campaign. They describe her as a micromanager, unable to trust her staff, prone to tears and rages over tiny things. They say she would rewrite speeches and press releases over and over. She would get upset if an aide hadn't brought her the correct coffee order from Starbucks." "She just goes completely ballistic," Dornan recalls. He says she yelled at him for 10 minutes and accused him of ruining her life. "I literally held the phone away from my ear, and everybody within a six-foot circle of me could hear her screaming." ESFJ maybe... -- Dustbunny
A3 Dude, she looks like ESFp. ESFj usally got some class -- Anonymous
A4 Katherine Harris, (MBTI: ENTJ), (Socionics: Jack London), Analytical, objective and critical, Quick to challenge views and opinions that are not based on sound reason or logic. Questions systems and procedures that are not based on a sound, logical analysis. Expects efficiency, competence and intellectual rigour from themselves and those around them. Looks beyond the obvious known facts in a given situation. Keenly attend to the important details that can cause the best laid plans to go wrong. etc. -- jgbr
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