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Question #1219567534Sunday, 24-Aug-2008
Category: Enneagram ENTp
Is it possible for an ENTP to be an ennneagram type 4? -- Anonymous
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A1 That is a very interesting question - I thought of Einstein, not because I know whether he is a type 4 but because he was extroverted but is so often mistaken to be introverted. I think ENTps could be categorized with pathologies that are typically attributed to introverts, such as schizoid personality disorder. I am not saying I have proof or am an expert on that, however. Another way of thinking about it: out of only 9 enneagram types, is every ENTp alive a type other than 4? I personally doubt it. -- econdude
A2 I've read on this site before that all ENTps are enneagram type 7s, but I don't believe it - it's 7 or 3, in my opinion. 4? No. It's not theoretically possible. -- Wirefan, ENTj
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A3 You're not necessarily born with your enneagram type. If you think you're a four then it's possible. -- Anonymous
A4 I'm an Entp. I've never made my mind if I'm an 3, 3w4, 7w8 or 8w7. ....And, I kind of retreat to a 5w4 or 5 mode during my bad days. Just my 2 cents. But I'm not an expert at enneagram crap. If you are a type Entp, it's not probable. Socionics/Enneargram BS isn't truth cut from stone, anything is possible. -- Basso
A5 I think it is possible, as I am both enneagram type 4 and ENTP. I have come to these conclusion not through internet quiz's etc but on specific retreats with trained consultants. I am a very strong 4, and a very stong E,N and P. My T is not as strong, and teeters on F. It's interesting isn't it! -- Holliesprockets
A6 that's MBTI then, and you're probably ENFP/ENFp if you're E4. it is not possible. there's an error in your typing. -- Anonymous
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