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Question #1218736157Thursday, 14-Aug-2008
Category: T/F Personality IXTx women
For the female Logicals/Thinkers out there, what is it like? I'm trying to comprehend the concept. -- Kanerou
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A1 It means I have female plumbing, care more about the logic 'why?' instead of the human relationships 'why?,' get flack for not fitting in to arbitrary and unrealistic gender stereotypes, and find Feeling men lovely. INTP here. (INTJ in Kiersey circles) -- Anonymous
A2 I think it's that T care for facts first, and emotions are hindering their line of thought, so they shove them aside because they kind of cloud the facts and make it difficult to analyze situations. This makes T women seem cold/cruel to most others, espescially when they do science. But doesnt mean they dont feel anything. Its just nothing "useful" to draw concepts with when it is about science or other "brain"-work so they adapt it in their personal life: facts first, then evaluation of emotions - and the facts help to understand the emotions - or not then the situation can become awkward to Feelers. Another thing: I learnt that big T bosses, if are using their soft skills right, are really cool bosses because they understand everything from their analytical pov and the emotional basis of it as well. I envy that very much. -- Anonymous
A3 Now I'm a weak T but I like knowing that what I do is well thought out. I have a great ability to meet people objective without falling into the trap of letting others' emotions become my own. Choosing someone who is good for you is easier to check (but takes longer time to obtain). -- intp Dragondancer
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A4 uhh... what is so hard to comprehend? -- entp female
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