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Question #1215808565Friday, 11-Jul-2008
Category: ISTp Visual Identification
How does one identify an ISTp female at a glance? What kinds of activities would an ISTp female enjoy? And what qualities would a well-developed ISTp female be looking for in an ENFp guy? -- ENFP
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A1 Well, usually ISTp females are a little less adventurous than Angelina Jolie's Tomb Raider character, but rappelling upside down 100 feet in the air may actually appeal more to an ISTp female than you might think. I tend to think of ISTps as wanting to physically experience something, so rock climbing, sports, concerts, camping, something like that may appeal. The I*T* may find intellectual work or games appealing (like playing cards). You may find that their interests vary and they want to move on after a short time. As far as VI, definitely familiarize yourself with the ISTps on and ISTps can fool you into thinking they're extroverted. -- econdude
A2 How can u tell an I from an E using V.I ? -- Anonymous
A3 I'm an ISTP female. I would say that everything you read about ISTP applies to me, and I like a lot of adventure and extreme things. I'd probably be noted as "tomboy" since a lot of the male ISTP aspects apply to me. Definitely adventurous, and sometimes won't talk much unless i'm very comfortable with you or a subject catches my interest. I don't think you can really tell someone "at a glance", but if they like new things that you typically won't hear (like not shopping or movies only) and she has something that seem to catch your interest, you can probably figure out if she's an ISTP. I think typically we aren't so good with the dating scene. At least for some of us. -- istp
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