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Question #1215187434Friday, 4-Jul-2008
Category: INFj ISFj Tests
Is it possible to be a mixture of 2 types. When I take the Socionics test the result is infj and the MBTI result is isfj. I've read the portraits for both types and they both sound so much like me. -- anon
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A1 I find that the easiest way to figure out your type is understanding the different quadra values and relationships with other types. INFJ's are "Delta" whereas ISFJ's are "Gamma" Also read descriptions of the conflicting and dual types of INFJ and ISFJ -- Anonymous
A2 In a way yes I believe it is possible, but there will be one type you identify with more than the other. -- Anonymous
A3 I agree. Depending on when and where I test and even who I am friends with when I take the m-b or socionics tests, I get either ENTP or ESTP. I wouldn't say I lean towards one or the other. I am very earthy, spontaneous, live in the moment, but then other times I am dreamy, philisophical and wrapped up in my own thoughts. For me, I believe that it depends on the person I hang out with and what my life is like at the time, but I'd say I am a good 50/50 with N and S. I think that a lot of people can change back and forth between N and S, but it's how often you do it that determines what type you lean towards. What I think is interesting is that many m-b fans seem to want to stuff you into one category and I don't beleive everyone can be. I would much rather get to know 100% of my personality than 50% of it so I see no harm in reseaching both sides for your enlightenment. Nothings simply black or white. -- differentp
A4 The Socionics type and the MBTI type can be different and often are different as definitions of information elements and their effects on the behaviour are different. So it's quite possible that your Socionics type actually is INFj (small j) and your MBTI ISFJ (capital J). Socionics and MBTI are DIFFERENT systems! ISFJ is not ISFj and INFJ is not INFj! -- piccolo_michel
A5 A4 is spot on. Also, you cannot be two types, but you can be a subtype and therefore very similar to the other type. You are probably a Fi-ISFj or Fi-INFj - very introverted, high emphasis on morals. One way to find out which of these you are is to check how you feel about violence and physical pressure. If you have no problems putting pressure on people who cross you, you're likely an ISFj. If you cringe if you even see violence on television, you're definitely INFj. -- Len
A6 It is possible to identify with multiple portraits to varying degrees due to stress and adaptive behaviors leading to personal growth, but your core type is one type subject to the intertype relations. Clear-cut intertype relations is the real test. -- Anonymous
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A7 Yes , u like me. In mbti I'm INFP. But at socionics i'm more like INFJ / in socionics is INFp. -- Saskiaza
A8 In one respect, no I don't really think so. You are a "type." Jungian type theory is very dichotomous and dualistic. In another respect, type theory is just an abstraction we impose to make greater sense out of the world. In that regard, type is just a construct that we impose on people whose consciousness will never be amenable to such oversimplification. You aren't a type; your type is just a highly imperfect approximation of you. Type is emblematic of who we are and not the other way around. That was very Ni of me I must say. -- An ENTJ
A9 Buti got INFJ in socionics and INFJ too in MBTI. -- Anonymous
A10 I think most people resonate with at least two different types. I get two clear types depending whether I answer the questions with "head" or "heart". Also my j score is low so I mostly match the INFp profile too. -- geek empath
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