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Question #1214517587Thursday, 26-Jun-2008
Category: Stereotype
Is there any truth in saying that NPs may never feel fully satisfied? That there's always something that can be improved with their friends, at work, in their relationships, life in general? This certainly may not be the case for all NPs, and I'm sure it holds some truth with all types of personalities at some point in their lives, but I see a restlessness in many NPs. Your thoughts? One other interesting quality I've noticed of NPs is that, although we may never be fully satisfied with people/things, we tend to give those people/things second, third, fourth and sometimes even fifth tries. -- differentp
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A1 YES and YES. I have always thought that "NP's" in general have a lot in common I just have not quite put my finger on all the simularities. I am an INTP and I have an ENFP friend and we are alike is a lot of ways, but also very different.We know what each other is about to say and there is rarely any need of explaination. We are both different she is much more exciting than I am, very Gypsie and fun. We are both the type that give and give and give but when we are done, we are done! There is no winning us back no matter what. We can both be friends or corgial with our ex's and not have any emotions or rememberence of the intimacy that was previously there. I hope this post continues because I would like to hear others thoughts on the simularities. As you can tell I am an aweful speller, not sure if it is an NP thing or not, but it drives me crazy!! Thanks for the interesting question! -- firstlite
A2 Thank you for validating something that I've never quite been able to articulate myself. I have a repeated pattern of flitting from one thing to the next, always somewhat unfulfilled or bored, looking ahead for the next(!) new(!!) thing(!!!) that will satisfy my need for completion and perfection. This applies to all manner of things from purchases I make to the people I meet or the careers I try on. In fact, it has gotten to the point in my personal relatioships that my exasperated (albeit timid) mother has intervened and bluntly asked me to stop making such quick conclusions about a person, saying that I've got to stop flitting about and stick with someone in order to truly experience love. And she's right. However, while I cannot rid myself of this feeling of discontent, I also do not blame others for this imperfect vision. It's just that I never truly trust my judgement call after I think I've make a final decision on something. This is not because I am often wrong in my decision-making, but rather a result of my tendency to second guess myself (either because I think I missed important data at the time of evaluation, which could result in an erronous assessment, or because I might have made a decision based on a changeable mood or whim, which might not apply some other day). Therefore, I choose to remain flexible, often revisiting something in order to gauge the accuracy of my initial reaction. So yeah, I can't just say no and be done. I've got to yes then no a couple of times to really know I mean no. It's like when your testing the sturdiness of object by taking a whack at a few times to feel sure of the object's strength. Apparently, I do this often and never realized how predictable a pattern it was for me or how unnatural this behavior appears to others. "Wacky", huh? - female INFP -- Anonymous
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A3 I have this issue and I'm an ENTp -- Anonymous
A4 EXXp seem to always be creating plans/relationships that are dropped very easily for newer ones, which I attribute more to personal restlessness concerning their directions in life. The IXXp seem to often complain about the way people or things are, which I attribute to dissatisfaction with their environment or their lot in life. Their seeming discontentments have very different roots. -- Anonymous
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