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Question #1214365015Wednesday, 25-Jun-2008
Category: Statistics Website etc.
What are the ages of people that respond to these posts and visit this site? I am wondering if it is mostly younger people (by young I mean under 28) who are trying to figure there lives out or find where they fit into the world. I just wonder if I am too old to be trying to understand myself and others with so much energy. Please post your type and age. You can alway remain anonymous. INTP age 43 -- firstlite
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A1 I am an INFj (for sure, i thought i was an INFp to start with but there is no way.... now that i actually understand how to type people and stuffs...) and i am 18 (just turned it in April). But of course you are never too old to try and understand yourself. <3 -- laura
A2 ENTP, age 22. -- Dustbunny
A3 Na i'm 418 and still learning the ropes man. -- Anonymous
A4 I am 27 and an ENTP/ESTP (somewhere in the middle). -- Anonymous
A5 ESFp, 25. You are never too old -- Anonymous
A6 YOU GUYS ARE PROVING MY POINT. It is a one sentence answer, not much time or thought to answer, Thanks A1-5 thogh A3 may improve the average! -- Anonymous
A7 INTj - 29 -- Vlad - INTj
A8 Who cares? Socionics doesn't. If anything it is your own type that is important. I think socionics is perfect for any NT type, but INTP and INTJ, especially. -- INTj
A9 ISFj age 17...almost 18 -- Anonymous
A10 I'm 67! SLI and still learning a lot. -- piccolo_michel
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A11 36 - INTj. -- Soc INTj, MBTI INTP, SLOAN rcoei, Enne 5w4
A12 ESFp, 32. Learned the basics of Socionics, figured out my Socionics type and started visiting this site some 11 years ago (2004). Still visiting occassionally to learn something new or to share my experience. And yep, A5, you are never too old -- Ezis (ESFp)
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