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Question #1213803806Wednesday, 18-Jun-2008
Category: INFx ESTj Relationship
I'm an INFP (myers-briggs, INFj socionics) and I'm absolutely passionate about an ESTJ- my second ESTJ obsession, and I'm super-picky about who I like! I believe we both thought of eachother as soulmates. He pursued me for a long time,(even though I had a boyfriend), and is very confident and bold; I'm a little shy and reserved. We had a couple of dates, immediately after I broke up with my previous boyfriend, but I hurt his feelings by kissing another boy (which he heard through an extended friend network) and he drastically pulled away from me, but won't explain why, nor will he let me go, altogether. He emails me about once a month some non-committal, non-explanatory question or comment to say he still thinks of me or to apologize for acting strange. At first I thought I was being punished, but my friend thinks he's letting me be single and date for a while before coming back into my life. Is this just wishful thinking? or is it possible that an ESTJ would be so calculating and plan that far out?? -- Anonymous
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A1 The great truth of INFp existence: ESTj's are completely beyond comprehension. To attempt rational analysis is an exercise in futility. -- Anonymous
A2 Hey A1- She said she was INFP in Myers-Briggs, not in socionics. -- Anonymous
A3 Knowing some ESTj's, and being mirror ISTp to them. I think it's possible you've blown it. Moral of course is not two time on someone you like, but I am sorry if that isn't what you wanted to hear. -- Anonymous
A4 A2: I'm quite aware of that. However, I am INFJ in Myers-Briggs. -- Anonymous
A5 Thanks for the input! so, maybe I"m a bit gloomy about prospects for success, but something tells me that he'll come back around.I'm *such* an INFP! -- Anonymous
A6 Perhaps you can ask him where you guys stand if you really want him back. I think its much easier than sitting around guessing. -- Anonymous
A7 Thanks A6, I did try to ask but he ignores the question then like a month later emails me to say he still thinks of me, then is MIA for another month. -- Anonymous
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A8 Um.. Stop stalking the guy. You know, I don't know why, but this story is all made up isn't it? -- Anonymous
A9 I am a ESTJ (Meyers Briggs) and we don't hold grudges, so I doubt you can fully blow something that a basic apology won't fix. As for being MIA, this is probably just basic ESTJ behavior, and has nothing to do with you. We are opportunistic and aren't good at keeping in contact with people we don't see regularly. -- chucklyfun
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