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Question #1213607399Monday, 16-Jun-2008
Category: ENFp ISFp Relationship
This is for all of the enfps out there. What do you think of isfps? Have you ever had any isfp friends? What were they like? -- Maggie
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A1 My (step) Mother in law is isfp and I am enfp. We get along really well and she is really nice, but we never seem to be able to actually accomplish anything. For example: she teaches violin and offered to teach my daughter, but when it came down to actually getting her to class, neither one of us could coordinate our schedules and eventually gave up. We also like to discuss politics and art,but our views are so different it's comical. I think she's a Communist and she tells me I'm a Republican. We are also both artists, but our ways of painting are opposite. She creates beautiful intricate detailed art and reads lots of art books. I dropped out of design school and prefer to slap paint on anything in my perview. In spite of our differences the friendship is rarely strained by outright fighting and when we do offend eachother, a short seperation is all it takes before we are ready to start on another ambiguous and eternal project. -- Anonymous
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A2 my best friend is an enfp and my sister is an isfp. My sister finds my best friend annoying (cause he always likes to tease her) and he tends to like to make himself look good. However, my sister always says, she likes him until he starts talking to her. haha..As for my friend, he thinks my sister is a little spoiled, a little annoying with her tiny obsessions. However, cause my sister never shows that she does like him, I've noticed that he tries to do things or be nicer to her, so she'll like him as a friend. Whereas, my sister wouldnt get care less if they're friends or not -- Anonymous
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