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Question #1213372001Friday, 13-Jun-2008
Category: Family Hidden Agenda Theory
How do subconscious functions (especially hidden agenda) of parents affect their children's type? As an example, would an INTj father and ISFj mother have a statistically higher probability of having an ISTp son or INFp daughter? I'm assuming here that as role models, fathers may influence sons more than than they do daughters, and mothers influence daughters more. -- I/O
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A1 This is a bit humorous. My father is INTj and my mother is ISFj. I am a ISFp, my brother is a ESTp, and I believe my sister is ESFj. Very sensate family clearly. You could say that my father imposed his HA upon me in some way, but that doesn't not translate for my brother. My mother and sister?? -- Kamangir
A2 I'm curious. Why ask about HA. Are you assuming/suspecting that type is influenced by nurture then not nature? Cause last I checked, that question hadn't been answered yet. -- Cyclops
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A3 Yes, I suspect that type is influenced by nurturing. I think that humans are programmed to a large extent, even our core. I realize that nurturing can be very complex, as are the structures of and influences upon modern family environments – caregivers and teachers can be very diverse. Many parents have little influence on raising their own children. I should have perhaps structured the question toward the influence of the primary nurturer(s). I also suspect that influence would be greater on the extroverted functions but that makes the question rather complex. If any of this is true, the second aspect is how much does those nurturers subconsciously influence children with their own hidden agendas. -- I/O
A4 What's interesting is that babys also have different temperaments. I'm not saying they have type as such!..but they definitely display different temperaments so... In regards to type being influenced as we grow..It is a tricky one also because of course we see children who grow to conform to parents ideals and those who grow to rebel, even siblings under same roof therefore with same general growth conditions. Have you also considered that personality, or rather-the type- can be affected when during pregnancy, ie foetal development? -- Cyclops
A5 I personally believe that type is fixed. As one person put it, "Temperament is a set of innate characteristics. Personality is what you show to the world (and may or may not reflect the real you)." I think that growing up, a parent's HA would likely influence a child. -- Kanerou
A6 A5, one's primary function may be somewhat fixed, the same as one becomes right handed or left. However, I suspect that the employment of the secondary function is influenced by environment. I think one of the functions is eventually deposited into the subconscious - deemed irrelevant to the way one has chosen to operate. The eventual precipitation of the secondary function would likely affect the interface with the primary function and thus the primary function itself may be affected somewhat. I think type is not fully entrenched into core until late teens to early 20s. I'm INTj and was greatly influenced by my ESTj mother. -- I/O
A7 Interesting point I/O... I wonder if it's dichotomy that gets deposited or function preference. I know it's speculation, but I observe behaviour in myself and others growing up. I wonder if development would have more of a sub type affect than a whole dichotomy or function affect. Do you feel like the same guy thinking back (same type) and perhaps your mother had an influence on a particlar sub type? -- Cyclops
A8 Looking back, I was definitely a "j" from the get go in that I was output oriented; I was, as I am now, never afraid of expressing my opinion or tackling any task. However, I seemed to be rather fluid in functions when I was a young child - the "Ti" function solidified very early on but "Ne" was much later. So, I think it is function preference that is affected. Dichotomies would be further refinements if indeed they actually exist; I draw a parallel here with “string theory” - since one cannot figure out how to quantify something in simple terms then more variables are added -- I/O
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