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Question #1211699594Sunday, 25-May-2008
Category: ADD/ADHD
Is there a relationship with "NP" types and ADD not ADHD. If you are one of these types or are close to an "NP" I would like to hear your thoughts. I have no problem concentrating on something once I set my mind to it. I can be involved in a project for hours with a high level of concentration. But when it comes to getting ready to go somewhere or most any other necessary daily task, I get distracted so easily especially with driving or doing mundane office work. INTp -- Firstlite
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A1 That's actually a good question that I've been thinking of, because one of my best friends and I got ADD and he is INTP and I am INFP, we can't really get to one topic finishing it, when he seems to really like doing or researching something, there's nothing that bothers him, but yeah I don't know why, but I've seem those patterns in som NP people, I whonder if it's only for Introverted people... or maybe not -- Anonymous
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A2 There is nothing wrong with this behaviour. I honestly wonder if the label does more harm than good at times? -- Anonymous
A3 I'm an NP and I have ADD. -- scarletdragon
A4 It's pretty common for most irrational types. The certain level of self-discipline can be worked out but only for something critically important and/or not for long. I am ISTp and I plain HATE to do anything I consider boring and do not care much for strict schedules unless it is critically important. -- Cynic (ISTp)
A5 Maybe you have Ne, not Ni. You can't be an INTp. -- Anonymous
A6 ADD is a term invented by folks either having or valuing Ni in their ego blocks. They use it to account for the Ne behavior of others' perspectives which they wish to devalue and pathologize, and unfortunately it has caught on. -- ENTP, introverted subtype
A7 As both an INTP and an INTp , and a philosophy student with ADD, I can confirm that there is some plausible connection. Precisely what that connection is probably has more to do with our parents than us. -- ardentmoth
A8 I am an ENTP, and although I have never actually been tested for ADD I have had plenty of people say that I probably have it. I think ADD is a misnomer. Who's to say that someone who can't pay attention to something their not interested in has a disorder? Maybe it's everyone else who has a disorder. -- Anonymous
A9 @A7 how so? -- Anonymous
A10 In reply to question, i do think people with ADD are most often NPs. And not only that, i think people with ADD are also extroverts. But i'm just throwing that out there, you guys can discuss it! I just read somewhere that IxxP's are normally judging on the inside and IxxJ's are perceivers on the inside (shhh! dont tell introverts that! hehe) And i've also heard that people with ADD are generally not judging, therefore they cannot be introverts!..So i think they're ENTp's or ENFp's. But ya feel free to make up your own mind! -- Anonymous
A11 "IxxP's are normally judging on the inside and IxxJ's are perceivers on the inside." That rings very true from what I have observed. -- Anonymous
A12 I'm ENFp and my twin sister is ENTp and we both have ADD/ADHD. I agree that it's not a "disorder" per se, it's just my personality. But ADD actually stems from a physiological difference in the activity of the brain's frontal lobe, so people who say ADD isn't real are jerks. That's like telling someone with a tumor they're faking it. The thing to remember about ADD/ADHD is that it's a spectrum. Everyone gets distracted sometimes, but that doesn't mean they have ADD necessarily. You only have a "disorder" if it interferes with your ability to function in your every day life. If you're interested in the subject you should read some Ed Halowell books. I just read "Delivered from Distraction" and it helped me a lot. -- Anonymous
A13 Yes, A4 summed it up pretty good. Motivation is the drive behind anything. And there is nothing that dictates that a drive has to be maintained just because a plan in a certain direction has been chosen. Things changes, priorities restacks, etc etc. And, consequently, motivation will change accordingly. A very natural process. -- ENTp
A14 As an ENTP, I know that I do not have ADD since I can and do pay attention well when not bored. However people have asked if I had ADD, ADHD,or was high or drunk when I was sober. I actually have made sure not to get drunk, because I would lose control of myself almost certainly, and I don't like the sound of that. I like the idea of the post, hope this helps. -- Anonymous
A15 do enfjs get ad/hd? -- Anonymous
A16 I'm ENFp and I definitely have ADD, not ADHD. I can stay hyper focused with no problem. My problem comes in with the distraction of so many things going on at once...I have a hard time finishing tasks because while I'm working on something my mind races and I think of all the OTHER things I should be doing. Then I change course so that I have several projects going on at once...not finishing any of them to satisfaction. My son is also ADD but he is an INTj. He also has learned to cope with dyslexia. He actually can stay focused on a project as an architect student although he goes to "another place" while focused. His ADD is more of a disability when trying to remember things that he finds boring or useless. He simply can not remember anything that doesn't make an impression on him or he doesn't find useful...people's names, Doctor's appointments, when he saw his keys last, did he pay the electric bill, what he wore yesterday...on and on We both have been diagnosed by a Psychiatrist and take medication. It mainly gives my brain energy so I won't be exhausted from thinking too much and jumping around in my head from one thought to another. Medication helps him not worry as much so he can finish a project without the fear he won't be able to finish. He becomes distracted by worrying that he will become distracted...crazy stuff, but it's real. -- Jane
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