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Question #1211383188Wednesday, 21-May-2008
Category: ENTp Appearance
how does one typically identify an entp female, as in, what do they typically wear, what's their image, how do they come across, etc. Id prefer awnsers from non entps in order to see how they come across to others. thanks -- Anonymous
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A1 I would say that ENTp females often find themselves on a lonely path, whether they're surrounded by other people or not. This isn't exactly the fifties anymore, but 'smart' or particularly 'T' is often not considered feminine. I saw an ENTp female where I work, wearing a purple suit and I thought at first she was ENFp. Very nice person, but somehow unsure of herself (I think this is also reflected in the alpha quadrant types in their own way). I was overseas for a semester with a female ENTp in the group, and she drove me nuts in her own special way but she was somewhat far down on my hate list. (I hated everyone in the group.) I have found it's somewhat difficult to identify female ENTps, and in my opinion there's just less of them than many other female types. I actually don't like to divide types between male and female, although I have given thought to doing so. My limited impression is that female ENTps want or need to find a way to fit in, and initially do socially, although being typed as a 'brainiac' or somehow eccentric might push them to the edge of a social circle. -- econdude
A2 ENTPs make up about 1.5% of the female population. -- Anonymous
A3 Female entps are image conscious and snappy dressers. -- Anonymous
A4 ...Charming, but weird. A3 is, I think, making a joke- ENTps can only barely manage to be snappy dressers if they try very hard. They tend to be loud. Unintentionally offensive, very very often. (But you learn to shrug it off, because they usually mean no harm, as opposed to intentionally offensive people.) They tend to be towards the upper regions of the bottom part of the social ladder, because they sort of get along with everyone, but, as already said, are... weird. (although some of them hit the bottom by pretending to be I's). The ENTp I know is known and liked by the majority of the school but is not and never will be one of the cool kids. -- Anonymous
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A5 Take it from an ENTp female: I like to be either a snappy dresser, or I do my own thing because I just don't care. One of the two extremes. But, when I'm going out, I'm very picky about the way I dress. Generally you can identify me as ENTp because of my apparently sporadic attention span/resemblance to those with ADHD, my penchant for things of the nerdy variety, my boisterous charm, my obsession with logical coherency, and my random or adventurous suggestions. -- ENTp Female
A6 I go between tomboy who doesn't care (day) and trendy vamp (night). There's rarely an in between. -- Anonymous
A7 Most ENTp's I've observed tend to wear mainly comfortable-casual wear, nothing really form fitting or conservative. A lot of the younger ones dress like indie-musicians with the retro-style t-shirts. btw, A2, those seem like MBTI statistics, not Socionics, ENTp's are much more common than that -- An INFj
A8 I know an ENTP who has an eye for fine clothes and he dresses well too. -- infp girl
A9 A4 is dead-on. -- Anonymous
A10 Personally as an ENTP female I tend to get complimented frequently for my quirky, original yet unintentionally trendy fashion sense. -- Anonymous
A11 how does one typically identify an entp female- lights up when you hit a subject she is interested in. Are generally quiet unless they like you. The more they like you the more enthusiastic they become. what do they typically wear- I wear what is in style, normally just buy from popular brand names so I dont have to put effort into looking good (they do it for me) how do they come across- well liked with pretty much everyone, I like nerdy things but hide it unless you really know me As far as "upper regions of the bottom part of the social ladder" I would disagree. In school I would say I was part of the "popular" crowd but also didnt put in the effort to maintain the status. I was in the group but also did my own thing and generally chose to hang out with a choice few individuals when I wasnt partying -- entp gal
A12 ENTP's are cool! they are spontaneous and good natured, sometimes they blurt out offensive remarks but they really mean no harm. They are not manipulative. spaced out. Both left and right brained. Interested in a variety of things. Have lots of energy and sometimes appear like big kids(young at heart). Original. Can be good dressers when they want but they usually prefer trendy casual. will stick up for those they love. hidden agenda - to be loved -- infp
A13 I'm an ENTP female. I find dressing myself boring because I'm uninterested in my style or appearance. I don't really express who I am through my clothing as much as some people. I care about being attractive not for the purpose of self esteem or confidence but to interest the opposite sex so I do put some work into how I look. I'm uncomfortable wearing things that aren't casual and I don't like wearing flashy things or standing out because of my looks. I never wear make-up, jewelry, or heels. I talk a lot, speak confidently, and I'm very direct in communication. I'll say things out loud that aren't socially acceptable (like talking about sex) and I never become embarrassed. ENTPs are almost always really unique people, and will usually stand out somewhat. -- Anonymous
A14 I'm friends with an entp girl who always wears the same jeans and hoodie.. very conservative and kind of on the plain side. Yet she describes her style as very snappy with a slight grunge/punk/hippie influence. Go figure. -- esfp
A15 considering the fact that "style" has infinite sub categories, there really is no way of classifying an ENTP girl from the rest. We are highly original and spontaneous and will dress in accordance to our mood. ENTP girls march to a different drummer. SO overall this is the most pointless topic 2 discuss... -ENTP GIRL#1 -- Jen
A16 As an ENTP female, I consider myself a pretty style-conscious individual (I get regular compliments on my wardrobe). But I don't think that is the norm with all ENTPs, I think it is only if you decide that style becomes a sort of project. If it is not something an ENTP is into, they will probably wear anything that isn't too fussy. I used to dress like kind of a slob until style was something I got into. -- Julia (ENTP)
A17 The two ENFP girls I know well have very different approaches to style. One wears different variations of the same outfit practically every day. The pants might change, the shirt might change, but it's still the same exact outfit. I think she would buy dozens of the same outfit and just switch them out if she could. When the situation calls for more/less formality than a normal day, requiring her to change her go-to outfit, I think she struggles a bit. The other girl ENTp I know is a much more stylish dresser, but I think this trait was beaten into her by an overly conscious mom (who still buys her all of her clothes). I can tell my friend is usually self-concious when dressing to go out, and asks everyone else what they are wearing before deciding what to wear, which usually produces a better result than the first friend. Both of my ENTp friends do dress pretty hippyish when the situation allows. -- Anonymous
A18 There's alot of definitions of 'style', but for at least myself (entp female), the main things I look for is comfort, practicality, and appearance. Being comfortable doesn't work so well if one has to listen to being bickered at constantly about style choice, but 'looking good' is even more pointless is yeu're not comfortable. How I choose my clothes is at the store... I only pick out clothes I like, that have practical use (strong against wind, or warm, pockets, for example I have a used camoflauge army jacket for fall weather, lots of pockets, water resistant, strong windbreaker, and looks pretty nice too, and is virtually indestructable so never tears), comfort and appearance I find good. Then dump them all in the closet. When I need something to wear, I either grab something that I'm in the mood for, or just grab blindly in a game of clothing roulette, because if I like how EVERYTHING looks, then it really doesn't matter which one I pick now does it? That being said, it's fairly common to be a trendsetter unintentionally, as the choices are often quirky and a bit odd, based more on personal standards, rather than society's, yet they still look good enough and can often come out being quite admirable to look at. Yeu'll rarely see an ENTP female dressed completely inappropriately, but at the same time, they'll generally be slightly off from the 'norm', as they'll go for personal preferance over group preferance usually. Biggest problem for non-entp's is that this difficult to place niche makes it very hard to identify. There's very little in the way of obviousness to it, making it hard to place our type, especially since with the standard NT thing, most NT females in general tend to have conflicting personalities, private and public versions of themselves, since NT is rarely considered feminine. This can occasionally mean they go a bit out of their way (but not excessively so in most cases) to avoid dealing with people fussing over their 'lack of femininity'. Too often an NT female in general is viewed as "broken" and needs to be "fixed" somehow. As such, yeu'll either get those who don't care (not so common in ENTP's, they do concern themselves to some degree with others' opinions of them, but they want to be known for being their own self, not a fake), or those who hide it well enough that it's a pain to type them. Short version: hard to tell when yeu even see an ENTP girl, and when yeu do, they generally don't stand out other than that they may seem a bit out of place but it can be difficult to figure out just why. Talking to them generally gives it away pretty fast. -- Anonymous
A19 it is interesting to note that the question asks for non-entp responses and many of the responses are from (female)entps .. -- poster of the question
A20 I only know one girl entp my own age. Shes kinda a stoner turned raver style. She has a lot of close guy friends who are all also stoners and just wear whatever. She doesnt wear designer jeans or anything like that. Tye dye shirts sometimes, i guess, teddy bear backpacks, Candy, hemp jewelry last time i saw her she had pink hair. I think she wears eyeliner sometimes but usually just goes natural. She comes off as just a really cool person i dont think fashion is that big of a deal to her. Her personality is feminine (Not girlie) and she likes peace and stuff like that. -- not entp
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