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Question #1211213585Monday, 19-May-2008
Category: Socionics Politics
I'd really like to know everyone's thoughts about Barack Obama's and John McCain's types. I feel like this is a pretty important question considering the magnitude of the coming elections in America. Let me start off this discussion by saying that I believe that Obama is ENFP (although in some photos, he seems to resemble INTP from visual ID). And I see John McCain as ESTJ. Would appreciate your feedback. Thanks. -- Doug
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A1 I originally thought Obama is ENFj, but someone pointed out that they thought he is ESFj and I think ESFj is a better guess. I don't see 'p' in Obama's demeanor. ESTj is a very good start for McCain, although I would have to think about McCain more. -- econdude
A2 If you listen to Obama speak, you can clearly hear idealist overtones, (bringing unity, encouraging cooperation, moving toward utopian ideals, etc...). Another thing that you hear from his speaking is a healthy dose of metaphor. I've never known an ESFJ to use much if any metaphor in speaking. Also, remember that Hillary Clinton mandated universal healthcare (very J) and Obama left it open (very P). He's also great at improvising in his speeches. I see a lot of P indicators for Obama. Still have to guess ENFP. Socionics administrator, please clear up this issue!! -- Doug
A3 On the website, Obama is listed as ENFJ and McCain as INTP. The site follows the same ordinance of functions as Myers-Briggs so INTP translates as INTJ in socionics. Therefore, McCain is an INTJ in socionics. In, Hillary Clinton is listed as an INTJ, thus INTP in socionics. I concur that Obama and Clinton are ENFJ and INTP, but as for McCain, I disagree, I find his type remains elusive. -- Anonymous
A4 Sorry, but I don't follow American election process but having a quick look at Barrak Obama...He does look ENFj/INFp. -- Admin
A5 The site is way off on its typing for the candidates. Mike Huckabee looks just like Kevin Spacey, who is ESFP!! And typelogic has called him the complete opposite-INTJ?? And there is no way that Obama is a J type. Everything about his demeanor practically screams P. He wants to change everything about the system in Washington-that's a very P goal. I'd like to challenge anyone to point out anything about Obama that would characterize him as J. -- Doug
A6 I'm convinced Obama is an ENFj. A5, if he seems "so totally P" to you, is that just because he's not a Te-dominant square establishment type? McCain, though, I have to admit: I've had Socionics on the brain when watching this guy. I can't tell. So I've come up with the following: There's no way he's an F or an ENTp, and he's probably not an ESTp. Beyond that, I'm really not sure. If I had to guess, I would say ISTj, but I'm very uncertain about that. -- An ENTj
A7 A6-my analysis had nothing to do with any kind of establishment stereotype. I'm using bits and pieces of information we've learned about Obama throughout the campaign. Here's another fact in favor of typing Obama as a P. In a debate in January, Obama was asked about his biggest weakness. Here is his answer: Obama responded that “being president is not making sure that schedules are being run properly or the paperwork is being shuffled effectively. It involves having a vision for where the country needs to go.” Later in the debate, when asked about his greatest strength and weakness, he elaborated: “I ask my staff never to hand me paper until two seconds before I need it, because I will lose it.” link: If these answers don't indicate a P type, I don't know what does. But I'm still open to hearing any facts that you can present to make an argument for a J type. -- Doug
A8 Wha??? He couldn't even respond straight to the question? What a mess. -- Anonymous
A9 McCain is an ESTP, Obama is an ENFP. -- Dustbunny
A10 My guesses are that Obama is an ENTJ or INFJ. Having met him several times, there's a good chance he is a highly social introvert. I think McCain is an ESTJ or ISTJ. -- MM
A11 I would have to look at and analyze Obama again, but he can really fool you into thinking ENFj - but keep in mind he doesn't really write his own speeches. His off-the-cuff communication style when it's unscripted suggests 'S' to me. He's very gracious as a speaker, but not necessarily cognizant of higher ideals or the big picture. I am so unsure of ENFj that I would not assert that as Obama's type any more, and I would seriously consider ESFj. But I definitely see 'j'. -- econdude
A12 After discussing this with my co-worker who has also met Obama several times, we both think that McCain is an E and has a large ego where as Obama doesn't mind being in center stage, but he is a lot more laid back and doesn't talk more than the other person he is communicating with. He asks his questions and allows the person to answer. I think they are both probably Js and I'm going with Obama as an I and McCain as an E. Until we have unscripted conversations with them, I think we'll never know for sure. -- MM
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A13 Obama - Beta NF (ENFJ or INFP) McCain - ESTP All of the presidential candidates are Beta (Clinton is ISTJ) -- Anonymous
A14 @A7 Actually, being bad with paperwork corresponds very well with the Si-polr of a ENFj, which manifests as inattention of administrative tasks (TeSi in superego). The manifestation of his 'j' is in the creation of intuitive feeling systems, "having a vision for where the country needs to go." Even in MBTI there is a distinction that judging types will display a continuum of "conscientiousness" from st to nf. -- Anonymous
A15 This election campaign has caught my attention a bit, so here is where I'm standing: Obama - either ENFj or INFp, McCain - either ESTp or ENTp, Biden - either ESTj or ISTj, Palin - probably ESFj. -- Admin
A16 I'm very good at picking out types. So watching them i figured MCcain is a ENTJ. OR maybe an estp cause my dad hates him who is a intj. -- paps
A17 Hey Admin, thanks for considering the question a bit more. I'm interested in your reasons for viewing Obama as a beta quadrant NF as opposed to a delta quadrant NF because what I'm seeing right now is that Obama is ENFP and that he has chosen Joe Biden because he is Obama's mirror (INFJ). Don't you see the similarities of Biden's face to the other INFJ's on the types and celebrities page? I definitely see it quite clearly. I think their mirror relationship is the reason that they've got such great chemistry together. I have modified my opinion of McCain however and now agree that he is in fact ESTP. The similarities to Bush are too many to count. -- Doug
A18 I wish Obama is ESFp and the second is ISTj This will drive america totally crazy, hue hue hue. -- radical_thought
A19 Sorry, I have to explain my last post. Really I wished that Obama is ENFp and the opponent is ISTj. This is a conflicting relationship and those 2 are presenting totally two opossite views and they go in opossite directions. Since they are competing, they are trying to understand themselves, what makes them completely confused. For me, obama is 100% ENFp, he just looks like one and behaves like one (he does primary Ne bla bla bla bla and does not make much logical sense). About his opponent, he just looks like Leslie Nielsen so he really might be an ISTj. He says he is conservative etc. The only type which could fit him would be ESTp (since he looks really beta), but if you compare his photo to ESTp, he really better fits with ISTj. So, those are conflicts and if you think that thought "they will drive america crazy" is true, that this is propably true, hue hue hue. I am telling you this was arranged by tv mafia! )))) -- radical_thought
A20 Neither Obama or Biden are Delta for the sheer fact that they value Fe[Fe] > Fi[Fi]. They're also both rational types. Ron Paul was the only person running that was likely Fi[Fi] -- An INFj
A21 Wow, these guesses so far have been heinous. Are you guys intentionally claiming opposites to mislead the masses? The democratic ticket is clear-cut beta, and the republicans are deltas ... I'll say no more. -- The Expert
A22 I was thinking that McCain is ISTj as a primary opponent to Obama. When I think about a type I am not only listening to what he/she says, also how behaves and how looks like, what kind of energy emits, since the mind and the body is one, one must look at it as a whole. -- radical_thought
A23 Yes, I think the opposites will mislead the masses, because two conflicts are misleading themselves and also anybody they approach together they drive his/her crazy. I veryfied it by taking my conflict (ISFj) and approaching different people - all thought we are completely crazy and they where totally scared and lost all faith immidiately. Also I took ENFp and ISTj and they drove people crazy as well and they confused themseleves totally, even they where getting along quiete well. The output was ridiculous. Euforia outburts from ISTj (after accepting b-s from ESFp as true facts) and ridiculous actions from ESFp etc etc. While it was so much fun, I tried ISFp and ENTj. I asked ISFp to admire ENTj concepts and gently sell it to somebody - it drove that person totally crazy (ended screaming and fighting!). Try it for yourself. -- radical_thought
A24 I know tons of ENFP and I'm pretty sure Obama is ENFJ. I am an ENFP and I was at first flattered to hear people describing Obama as an ENFP. But highly unlikely. The more I observe him, the less i can possibly see an ENFP in him. However he fits the ENFJ's descrition like a glove. ENFJ are incredible orators and persuaders. They give fantastic speeches and other than their J function, they are idealistic and have values as well as strong sense of justice just like ENFP's. ENFP's are more emotional. ENFJ have a poised aspect about themselves that makes them look like aristocrats when they talk. Seriously, look at some ENFJ descriptions in several sites and you will see that's Obama. -- Anonymous
A25 Personally, I think Obama is ENFJ. I see McCain as INTJ or INTP because he's a little more elusive and introverted. My guess for Palin would be ENFP. She has silly moments and funny remarks but she has that undercurrent of passion as well that is often missed when observing the ENFP ( I am an ENFP myself and we're only silly on the outside, we are usually very ambitious and determined on the inside and often hold incredibly strong values. the reason we're funny is because we intuitively process information to in a way that quickly finds irony and then expresses it in a light hearted fashion). As for Biden, ENTJ. Let's face it, he's just plain intimidating (his smile is really cool though ,but it kinda scares me lol) . Still, I guess he could be ESTJ because he has a broad vision of fairness that he wishes to project into our economy. -- Benny
A26 anybody think obama is estp? -- Anonymous
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