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Question #1210778234Wednesday, 14-May-2008
Category: Statistics
Hey everyone! What type are you and what kind of crowd did you hang out with in highschool? -- Maggie
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A1 I'm ENFp. Geeky NTs and stoners (any type). Sometimes the occasional SF who decided I was pretty/cool enough for peripheral membership of their group. I didn't really get to know any other NFs until I was older. -- pandapanda
A2 INFJ - the "honors" crowd. Although I was liked by others from other crowds as well, I felt the most "at home" there -- Anonymous
A3 INTj and science club. The geeks didn't really fit me, or the jocks, so I took a different road. I think a lot of the reason was that the moderator is ISFp. We just about gave him a heart attack every day. (By the way, the geeks at the prep school I attended were way too self-respecting to be in science club!) -- econdude
A4 ESFp and a crowd consisting of one INTp friend. -- ESFp
A5 INFp and...well, I hang out with all sorts of people...mainly the preppy kids and a few "weird" kids... -- Anonymous
A6 INFj- I have three different crowds. The main one is the honors crowd, then the band kids, and a bunch of stoners. There are only a few NFs that i even have been acquainted with, unfortunately. -- Anonymous
A7 possibly NF-girl here, and I was severely disliked by the SJ-girls, who were many - I was not cool, not nice and not fashion-victim enough... just the ugly duckling, without ever knowing why, because I thought most of them where ugly too, if not outside, then surely inside, it was always big quarrel among them, and I couldn't even stand witnessing it. Another thing I remember, in third grade the boys started chasing the girls during break, it was just a game, but I was the only girl not participating. I stood there like a statue, shocked: "what is going on here?" I was too proud to let myself get chased after. (Could that be any indication which type I am, cuz I got troubles derterminig it) and later I hung out with a E?F?-girl (who got along with everybody) for a few years, a I???-girl in tow, but it all was so strained, I got depressed because i started feeling lonely, only daydreaming and telling fantasy stories, no inspiration for some action, for learning cool stuff. I should have been in either science-club or drama-club, but it didn't exist at that school. In contrast I got along with some boys, they were fun, cute and fair, cool to play with but we weren't really friends, just spending time. -- Anonymous
A8 A7 you really seem like an intj (MB) to me.. -- tricia
A9 Heh heh heh....I'm actually going to start a topic on mine. It was intellectual sometimes, but we usually insulted/sharpened our wits on each other and made many twisted sexual references. -- Anonymous
A10 @a9 That is so typical highschool! -- Anonymous
A11 IEI/INFP- Hung out with a lot of outcasts/weirdos(I actually hate calling them that) here and there, and later on the brainier/artsy-fartsier crowd after I attended a prestigious honors camp, but my always-ever-closest friends were an ENFP and an INTP. The fact that I'm asian also somewhat affected the connections I had. Though I do secretly and seriously wish to start an experimental/future-noire music group someday; so I guess I'll finally be surrounded by musical people. -- Hcat
A12 I'm an INFP, and I hung out with the popular people -- INFp
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A13 INTP- I'm the loner. I hang out with no one, except for my older sister's friends last year. But they're gone now. All alittle lone~ oh still in highschool btw. -- Random intp
A14 entp... could easily be mistaken as a loner, but actually ended up a leader of several completely different groups (at different times) college i've been a consistent member (in a leadership position) of a small group consisting of two ENFJs, one INFP, one ISTP, and a few other NPs who have since dropped out of college... -- Anonymous
A15 infp... and with an intp here and there, but mostly with the trees and birds and open breeze. -- Anonymous
A16 ISTp here. In high school, it was a group of 8 or so of us. No particular clique or anything. we just did our own thing, your average joes if you will. two guys were in the jazz band, two guys played football, i played baseball, and a couple others did wrestling. its 4 years since, and i'm still good friends with all of them and 2 of them are my roommates, an ENFp and another ISTp. -- Anonymous
A17 INFj - I didn't feel like I fit in with any group, yet could relate equally, to a very limited degree with most everyone (except a few of the jocks and partiers). Usually ate lunch with most of the highest academic achievers, even though I was not one, because they tended to be well-mannered on average, more intellectual and understanding - patient. I did manage to find an assortment of close friends here and there, over time; but I'm not sure of their types. Even through my adult life, most of my friends have been seemingly eclectic with respect to each other, were you to begin comparing them, representing a wide range of nationalities, ethnicities economic statuses, religions and spiritual beliefs, and degrees of participation in their homes/work/communities. -- Anonymous
A18 ISFj...the Academic Decathlon, band geeks, honors kids. -- Anonymous
A19 ISFj ? usually hung out with nobody, rarely with school companions -- piccolo_michel
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