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Question #1210741272Wednesday, 14-May-2008
Category: INTj Stereotype
If INTJs don't give a damn about what others think of them then why the hell are they conservative dressers? -- go away
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A1 It's less hassle to dress conservatively, in terms of time spent putting together outfits. It's easier to walk into a high street chain store and buy a load of co-ordinating items in one purchase, than it is to visit lots of boutiques for interesting clothes. Also, not caring about what people think doesn't mean they want to draw attention to themselves. They'd rather not stand out visually, so they can get on with what they're interested in. This is true of male INTjs, at least. Some female INTjs I know are goths. -- pandapanda
A2 I don't think it's that we INTjs don't care what others think, but that there are other things that we find to be more important. After all, we do value Fe (ie, the emotions others express), it's just that we value Ti and Ne even more. But the real reason why INTjs dress conservatively is that our Si, while we value it, is very weak. We don't really know how to dress in a manner pleasing to the senses that will draw positive attention, so we do the second best, and dress in a conservative manner that won't attract negative attention. -- Krig (INTj)
A3 because they don't CARE. My husband who is an INTj wouldn't wear any clothes at all if it were legal. he's not a creep or anything. -- Anonymous
A4 Maybe they LIKE to dress conservatively. -- Anonymous
A5 Ive noticed that intj's tend to dress a bit classy, sometimes even with a slight personalized flair?-I wouldnt call their style simply "conservative", although it definitely is. -- Tricia
A6 For me, it's because I don't like spending time and money on clothes. "Conservative" clothes tend to be cheaper and last longer (depending on the brand), and I'd rather spend money on something I'll use and enjoy (like a book or CD or whatever) rather than something that will make me look nice, draw attention to me and thus make me feel uncomfortable. And, if I'm not spending time trying to put together outfits and buying clothes I'll have more time to do the things that I need to/want to. -- INTj
A7 I can't match colors at all. I never learned because it was never important to me, and can't tell by looking. So, simple clothes = less chance of drawing attention to yourself by wearing something that doesn't match. -- Snorts
A8 I have a ISTP friend who attempted to correct my lack of my uncompelling wear. Only a bit rubbed of his fashion rubbed off. -- INTJ firefly7
A9 I feel that the way one dresses is a rather superficial way of expressing 'individuality' and is therefore irrelevent in expressing who I am as a person.. -- INTJ
A10 They wear 'easily available' clothes. Finding fashionable clothes takes time, money and effort. -- ESTJ Female
A11 I for example don't have that gut feeling when choosing clothes. It took me while to get a hold of it. Now I got a little system of 3 colors (blue, black and white) what fit in almost all combinations and clothes that fit my build. Save tons of time dressing, feels comfortable and looks nice. My father is ISTJ and hell, he's like natural in the clothes department. -- Anonymous
A12 I wear conservative clothes because they fit my taste and will add accessory that go together. -- ORION
A13 For me, it's that clothes don't really matter. "The clothes don't make the man." But my mother, uncle, and grandparents are all S's, so they end up buying me all kinds of clothes because they don't know what my "style" is, but it mostly comes to conservatives because they go with everything. Oh, did I mention I'm a teenager? -- Vira Q. (INTj)
A14 Some of us are actually very well-dressed. Let me explain why: Picture a homeless man Picture a rapper Picture a billionaire Picture a college student Picture a royal prince Picture a priest/clergy of your culture Picture a fireman Picture a sheriff ...notice how in each case, you picture something completely different? Humans are superficial (even us INTJ's), whether we admit it or not. If you're smart, you can exploit that human nature. By being well-dressed, you get better results when talking to people. And as an INTJ, I need all the help I can get Figuring out fashion was easy. Start by browsing fashion blogs. You can also go to clothing company websites and observe for a while until you get the hang of it. Stores will even spatter "new season" looks all over the place to attract sales, so you can be current without much effort. The other thing to do is look up color wheels, to see which ones match (based on real science). There are even guides out there designed to instruct clueless men on fashion - they're mostly aimed at the slob type of guy, but nevertheless, it's all spelled out. Look cool, and people like you more. It's simply practical. -- Anonymous
A15 In fact, I do care what people will talk about my not-so-up-to-date clothes. But...I only love simple design. That's it. Nowadays clothes are too colourful, asymmetric, yet expensive. Bothersome. -- INTJ
A16 I honestly buy simple clothes so I don't waste time getting dressed. Everything I own matches, there is no margin of error. -- Anonymous
A17 I prefer to wear clothes that won't cause me to stick out and become the center of attention - so conservative, down-the-middle it is. -- another INTj
A18 Less maintenance/upkeep, less hastle/fuss, less inclined to care about "trendiness" (and less likely to care that others think they look "uncool" or "not with the times" or what have you), less likely to want to draw too much unwanted attention to self (and the seemingly 'endless' amount of drama & baggage that so many people seem to have), less aesthetically inclined than most... I'm sure there are a myriad of other reasons unrelated to the opinions of the general populace. -- Soc INTj, MBTI INTP, SLOAN rcoei, Enne 5w4
A19 Don't think you realize you've answered your own question. If an INTJ is conservative it's probably because they DON'T give a damn what others think. INTJ's dress for themselves and themselves only. I dress in a way that's convenient or serves a purpose; rarely, if ever, is it to please others. If you're just going to the store, church, movies, or restaurant... there's not much reason for a head-turning wardrobe. But if I'm aware dressing more unconventional can give me a psychological advantage. Such as interacting with decision-makers, landing a job over 20 other candidates, creating a diversion *devilish-grin*, or other self-serving reasons. I'll be the sharpest in the universe. Of course standing out attracts unwanted attention, that just comes with the territory. But most are somewhat intimidated by INTJ's to begin with, so you'll filter out a good majority of it. I don't really go out of my way to dress conservative or stand out most of the time. My logic for how I dress is simple, if I like it, I buy it, I wear it. Doesn't matter if it's all-black conservative attire or a yellow shirt with red polka dots on the front with Zebra print on the back, sparkly MC Hammer pants, and Ronald McDonald shoes. If it meets my standards and I like what I'm wearing, that's all that matters. But... if you think about it, most stores base their clothes on a monotone palette and to be traditional in presentation (with slight alterations). So I doubt INTJs are more likely than any other type to dress conservative. EF's are probably the only ones who actually SEARCH for clothes solely for attention-whoring purposes. -- MBTI and Socionics INTJ
A20 For me, there are several reasons: 1) I don't want to have to spend a lot of time building complicated outfits in the morning. I want to dressed and go on with my day. 2) The rules of fashion are subtle, inconsistent, and ever-changing. Frankly, I can't quite figure them out. So I stay on the safe side. 3) I do try to look presentable, even cute or sophisticated at times. But in general, my physical appearance is pretty low on the totem pole of things I want to improve about myself, so it just doesn't get a lot of work. I consider it much less valuable than my intelligence, abilities, or the way I treat people. 4) I understand that clothing is a way people express creativity and art. I think I express creativity more through skills, like dancing and playing the ukulele, than through creating things that are pretty to look at. -- E. (INTJ female)
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A21 All this (not sticking out, interchangeable wardrobe, etc), and cutting edge fashion isn't meant to be practical. Have you seen some of the newest clothes? Rough fabric, or it isn't a breathable material, or it is really thick, or it has a stupid graphic plastered on the front (which causes others to make judgements about you which will most likely be false), or it plain doesn't fit right. What you wear sends a message, and the message I typically want to send is a very neutral one. -- Male MBTI INTJ, Enne 1
A22 Well, being an INTJ myself ... I usually dress for reasons that I see are appropriate. It's hard to explain; but if we dress up for a certain occasion, it is usually for a good point. We usually care not what people think or try to impress; but are actually trying to make the other people see us as a good example and to follow our lead. We can take in their ideas of dress, but we prefer to take that idea and mold and shape it to our own INTJ way. If the individuals are not impressed, then we usually blame them and believe it to be their fault; for simply not appreciating us and our effort. -- Soma Eater
A23 I agree with A9. A lot of us LIIs prefer to express our individuality in more off-the-beaten-path ways, such as art and writing. *cue obligatory "it's not a phase, mom"* -- Intratainer
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