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Question #1210682410Tuesday, 13-May-2008
Category: Stereotype Theory
Which types are more likely to be teen parents? Or is that a dumb question? It probably has more to do with social background/expectations than type, but there may be *some* correlation. -- pandapanda
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A1 If I were to attach it, dunno. So many factors. Maybe an S type as they got caught up in the sensory pleasure ahem. But then it's a common trait for ENTj's to have respect for human life and the idea of abortion would be somewhat gauling to them on that basis. Hmm..not sure..over to you -- Bob
A2 It just came into my head to ask this question, because I was watching a documentary about teen mothers and VI-ing them. However, I suck at VI (and am sceptical about it). Just wondering if anyone had any crazy theories. -- pandapanda
A3 Truthfully, does not contain any content to suggest a correlation because a psychological type differs from cultivated behaviour, i.e. teenmothers. Within western society, there is a precept that teenage pregnancy is from negligence, i.e. drunken sex, whereas teenage pregnancy occuring in parts of Africa happens because of not being sexually educated, i.e. Men refuse to wear condoms because they are not big enough and women comply. To formulate some theory: an adrenaline seeking personality will more likely have sex while drunk without a condom. All sixteen socionic types exhibit adrenaline seeking personality. Of all sixteen socionic types, what type predominately exhibits adrenaline seeking personality that have sex while drunk without a condom? What is the correlation between the type that predominately exhibits adrenaline seeking personality and teenage pregnancy? -- Anonymous
A4 ESFp. -- Anonymous
A5 Me when i'm older. I don't know my type though -- Anonymous
A6 A3: I don't think unprotected drunken sex = teen parenthood. Most of the teen parents (and there's a few in my family) I know choose to be so. The reasons for this, I think, are economic and psychological. Benefits don't guarantee a great standard of life, but some women do not have the skills to do more than minimum wage work, and they want a their own house, even if it's social housing - so they have children. Also, for some people it's the 'natural' thing to do, and they want someone to love. I was wondering if some types would be more willing to work at a bad job and live with their parents, rather than have children - because they've weighed up the responsibilities involved, or because they want social approval. Teen parenthood is stigmatised, so maybe a socially sensitive type, like all the NF types, or ISFp could not live with that disapproval. Also, maybe a more conscientious, rule-abiding type like ISTj would avoid pregnancy. Some types may be more willing to throw social approval to the wind and have children just to find their 'niche' in life - maybe ESFps would be like this. Another type I think would be a young parent is INTp - because of their HA and their trouble with relationships. INTps can occasionally be surprisingly self-sacrificing. I can't really see ENTps and INTjs as teen parents, though (too much Ne, keeps their mind on other things). I'm unsure about ENTj, because they are so ambitious - it would have to be pretty limited options for them to consider being a young parent, but I think they would if it was better than anything else - or if they did get pregnant by accident. ESTjs are the same, I think. ISTps and ESTps...hmmm...perhaps? I'm just putting forward a bunch of theories that are probably bull. These are speculations, not opinions -- pandapanda
A7 A7- INTps... teen parent?! Nooooooo not possible! I think most teen INTps would be freaked out by the prospect of getting pregnant (or getting someone else pregnant), and would avoid it at all costs. The female INTp would probably make a decent mother, but knowing the possible effects the baby could have on her own life, would rather not get involved in the whole premarital sex business. The male INTp would also take responsibility, but would feel very guilty, even horrified, if he ever got a girl pregnant. Not to mention, the INTp would be more focused on intellectual or leisure matters than anything else at that age. They would rather not be brought down to earth so early in life, especially with something (mostly) preventable, like teen pregnancy. -- Anonymous
A8 A6, you've got a weird view of the world if you think people either choose to have kids or have a crap job. How dare you be so elitist -- Anonymous
A9 Elitist? Where I'm from, those are the only options open to a lot of people. I'm not against teen parents, but the reason a lot of them do it is because their career options aren't too good. The teen pregnancy rate is higher in deprived areas for a reason. I'm just being realistic. A couple of my cousins had children in their teens, and they didn't do very well in school. I'm not saying people who have kids young are lazy or stupid, what I mean is a lot of people don't have an easy life - and they do desperate things. -- pandapanda
A10 A7 - an INTp that did well in school and came from a supportive family would be probably horrified more than most people by the idea of having children in their teens. An INTp who didn't do well in school, had a broken family and hated themself (this stuff can happen to anyone) would make different choices. I could see an INTp girl who was very unhappy doing something like having a baby. I don't see teen parents as people who necessarily have a lot of sex and take risks. It's about the way people react to their environment. -- pandapanda
A11 Pandapanda: Drunken unprotected sex is a reason for teenage pregnancy, but not all teenage pregnancy happens for this reason. There are numerous reasons such as economic status and psychological reasons. Perhaps drunken unprotected sex is a reason for abortions and sexually transmitted diseases, but again, this is not the sole reason. As actually happened, I attended a catholic high school that had the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in our region, more than any public high schools. Catholicism teaches abstinence until marriage and prohibts condoms and contraceptives; "if you need a condom then your not ready", to their merit the students practised prohibition of condoms yet not abstinence. Public high schools hand out condoms and brouchers on pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. I'm an I(n)Tj and generally want freedom from responsibility like parenting, but I'm long past my teenage years. However, throughout my teenage years, pregnancy was not a concern because I was not in a sexual relationship. I had observed that the majority of female students by grade eleven had lost their virginity and were in a sexual relationship, most often with older males. The minority of male students by grade eleven had lost their vignity and were in a sexual relationship, most often with younger females. I was attracted to older, more mature, women. -- Anonymous
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A12 A11, I agree with you that abstinence only sex-ed can be a reason for teen pregnancy, but I never came across it in my country - and I went to Catholic school for a while as well. We were given condoms, but the teen pregnancy rate was still high. I think this was because of socioeconomic factors, it was quite a poor area. In the UK they have fairly comprehensive sex ed, but the teen pregnancy rate is the highest in Europe. I think the main reason for this is that there are pockets of relative poverty - areas of the country where having children in your teens is just something you do, because there's not a lot else to do. I found it strange to be called elitist just for admitting that poverty exists, and finding that in the UK it's one of the main reasons for teen pregnancy (amongst others, nothing is ever that simple). -- pandapanda
A13 Pandapanda, to write off the human soul..I think you are overgeneralising why such individuals become parents. One possible reason (among many) is that they are simply doing what everyone else in their immediate family has done.. think it is for an easy life, how can having a child be easy..regardless of meagre government benefits, rather have freedom, sorry. -- Anonymous
A14 A13: They don't get an easy life whatever they do. Freedom doesn't mean much on the minimum wage - I've been there myself. Why has everyone else in their immediate family had babies whilst a teen? I'd say it was because of socioeconomic factors. It's not about the human soul, it's about human responsibilities and choices. I don't think its immoral to be a teen parent, but I think a lot of human behaviour can be explained. I also think it's possible to generalise without taking those generalisations too seriously, or using them to discriminate against people - if that's what you're scared of. -- pandapanda
A15 Pandapanda: I'd suggest rephrasing your secondary conclusion: "because there's not a lot else to do", impling impoverished teens are jaded and become pregnant to freshen their lives is difficult to accept, even depressing, then again I'm not impoverished. As for your main conclusion, since pockets of relative poverty explains why the UK has the highest teen pregnancy rate in Europe, I'm wondering: why do poorer European countries have lower pregnancy rates than the UK? -- Anonymous
A16 I thought about that - the fact that poorer European countries have lower teen pregnancy rates. I think that's because the UK situation is compound of those 'pockets of relative poverty' and culture. There is an element of self-destructiveness in British culture, and this can also be seen with binge drinking. I think this is because our society changed with the Thatcher years and became less cohesive - so yes, I think they are often jaded and disaffected. You might find that hard to swallow. It's just a theory, sorry if it peeved anyone. -- pandapanda
A17 @pandapanda, you seem to think it is better to have a child than have a job with a 'minimum wage', why? And what then would you say is the cut off salary for it to be better to be in work than to be impregnated? -- Westie
A18 It also has a lot to do with cultural and moral values, I think. Even if one grew up in a relatively poor area, he/she would not choose to become a teen parent if he/she was strongly influenced by anti-premarital sex from an early age. In wealthy, cosmopolitan western societies, teens who are not so concerned about these values would have generally have more sex and have higher chances of become teen parents. In contrast, even the poorest of the poor in most Asian or Middle Eastern would recoil at the idea. And I agree with A13- I'd rather have freedom than security. Freedom is pretty high up on the teenage INTps', ISTps', and ESFps' lists, I'd say. -- Anonymous
A19 Westie: It wouldn't be better for me, personally, if I was in that situation. Nor do I think it's objectively better. I think that some people might see it as a better option, perhaps depending on their personality. There is no cut-off salary, because not everyone does it - but I think some people do, and I can't quantify it because it depends on the individual. -- pandapanda
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