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Question #1210537105Sunday, 11-May-2008
Category: ENFp ENTp T/F Advice
ENFp or ENTp? For a long time I've been convinced that I was a T but having read the short summary of both I'm no longer certain. Thinking types: * are interested in systems, structures, patterns [Yes] * expose everything to logical analysis [Yes] * are relatively cold and unemotional [Um. I don't think so.] * evaluate things by intellect and right or wrong [I... think so?] * have difficulties talking about feelings [Not at all, I'm good at stating clearly why I'm upset.] * do not like to clear up arguments or quarrels [Like to clear up quarrle,s frequently initate arguments] Feeling types: * are interested in people and their feelings [I'm interested in people and how they work. Their feelings, not so much. Maybe in the general context of how they work.] * easily pass their own moods to others [Share my moods, yes] * pay great attention to love and passion [I think so?] * evaluate things by ethics and good or bad [Nope.] * can be touchy or use emotional manipulation [Not really.] * often give compliments to please people [To please people? I do give them freely, but I also critisize ruthlessly.] Other sites consistently type me T, but maybe that's just because I answer questions in a "wishful thinking" way? -- Mi
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A1 Your post suggests ENTp - when you are the subject of your own observation, it can be very difficult to reach the correct conclusion. ENFp and ENTp are miles apart. Unfortunately, I just have the same advice - use intertype relations to deduce your type and do you visually identify more with ENTps or ENFps. By the way, I've never thought that ENTps are cold and unemotional. -- econdude
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A2 I dated an ENTP and you answered exactly as he would. I'm an NFP and a world away from that. Up front you sound like an ENTP. Here's a question: Do you identify with The Doctor (who)? Stark (Iron man)? Those are classic ENTP characters -- NFP
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