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Question #1210494878Sunday, 11-May-2008
Category: ENFp INFj ISTp ESTj Theory
Do ENFps and INFjs secretly have a very cynical sense of humour? I know someone who is an INFj, who keeps a blog and writes snarky comments, but then later feels guilty about it. I do the same thing, sometimes. In person, I try hard not to be mean. I'm not very good at telling jokes, because I feel my jokes are too 'clean', and not edgy enough, when I use them in polite conversation. However, if I let my real, dark sense of humour rip, it disturbs people and they take it seriously. So I hardly ever let rip my real sense of humour, because I hate alienating people like that. Is this one of the reasons why ISTps, with their genuninely dark humour, are attractive to ENFps? I know people who pretend to have a cynical sense of humour, but those guys usually have it for real. What about INFjs and ESTjs? Is this related to Ne-Fi/Fi-Ne? -- pandapanda
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A1 ENFps can be very cynical. -- oo ro
A2 INFjs - maybe. -- oo ro
A3 enfps and infj's are really similar to me idn why. -- Anonymous
A4 A3: they're mirror types. The same two functions but reversed. NeFi and FiNe. My theory is that a lot of INFjs have wry comments to make - it's the observational , but tend to worry about when it's appropriate to make them - that's . Cynicism is kind of fashionable these days, but we're like that almost involuntarily. -- pandapanda
A5 As an INFJ, I know i have a very cynical sense of humour but I'm very careful as to how I reveal it, knowing that most ppl cannot accept that side of me. In fact, that's how my best friend(enfp) and I "found" each other. I was playing a "joke" on someone and that perked his interest. -- Anonymous
A6 I know some people who are very cynical (which they disguise as humor) towards love and marriages but its usually because they're jealous cause they know they can't feel like that or that it can't last when it comes to them. -- Anonymous
A7 As an ENFp, I can be somewhat cynical... But I pretty much *never* let it out around anyone except my boyfriend, and that is mostly just my way of being playful with him. What you tend to see more from me is sick, twisted, and even morbid. -- ENFp
A8 I'm INFp. Dead baby jokes, all the way! Thing is: I think most of life's BS and don't take much of it seriously. People are bitchy cuz they're bitchy. Work's work cuz it's work. Tax guy takes your money cuz he doesn't want you to have any money. It just is what it is, ya know? And it'll probaby be that way for a while. That's me anyway. And yeah, I do save it for impolite company. Btw, how many Ethiopians can you fit in a phone booth? All of them. -- Anonymous
A9 I very much agree, but its not promonent. It is usually seen as out of character in my experience. My INFJ sister and friend have both been known to say something very cynical, and usually crossing the line. Then they nervously smile afterwords, knowing what they said was very unlike themselves. It might be that they think it's ok because I'm ENTP and say stuff like it all the time, but they always take it too far. Its how I realized that my friend was INFP actually, because he reminded me of my sister in this respect. -- Anonymous
A10 I'm ENFp and i'm cynical and loving it. you gotta have a little cynicism in you, or you're gonna miss all the irony -- Anonymous
A11 I'm an INFJ and I admit to being one of those INFJ's who write very cynical, critical-sounding blogs/diaries with witty sarcasm. It definitely seems contradictory to the INFJ's genuine compassion. I would say it would boil down to the fact that we aren't very trusting. I'm sad to say that because of my judgmental trait, I quickly scrutinize those that get on my nerves. That's where the snarky blogs come in. I'd say that it's just part of how INFJ's need to get out that negative energy they keep inside. -- INFJ
A12 Well usually people would be disturbed by humor if it's not that funny...perhaps stop telling jokes entirely? -- INFP
A13 A9 - so same to his/her explanation. Just perfectly described. Well it's inside, the thing is I try to control it most of the time, but sometimes it just slips out, and then I realize, but then it's to late, and then I feel sorry, cause I know it might have hurt the person, and usually it really does. I feel sorry, but it's too late to fix the prob. so I just pretend as if I didn't tell a thing. -- Anonymous
A14 I'm an INFj and I love making comments like that but I always laugh or say "just kidding" so that everyone knows I'm not serious because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. -- EII
A15 Mmm i definitely find online blogs and anonymous forums are great for bitching about significant people in your life who annoy you... hahahahaha -- Anonymous
A16 @A15 - um, nothing wrong with that, lol -- Anonymous
A17 I'm an INFj and I definitely have a snarky/absurb type of humor, and it's refreshing to hear this may be the case for other INFjs. However, there's not any real criticism or bitterness behind it- basically the snarkiness comes from the way I make a joke, not my "hidden feelings" about the topic behind it. I'm also careful about what I say and who I say it to 1. because I don't want to offend anyone and 2. because unless people know me well enough, they are shocked to discover not only do I have a sense of humor,but it's a blunt, witty type of one as well. The more I find out about INFjs, the more we just seem like walking paradoxes. No wonder we feel like no gets us- were quiet and formal around people we don't know well, but outgoing and snarky around our friends. -- Anonymous
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A18 I'm an INFJ and completely agree with A17. Sometimes I get annoyed with myself because if someone doesn't know me well they often take my sense of humor the wrong way. I feel bad, but I never meant it in a mean way in the first place. -- Anonymous
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