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Question #1209845208Saturday, 3-May-2008
Category: INFj ENTp Relationship
hey. what do you think about a infj-entp relationship, which BTW was for a infj the closest and longest relationship ever. of course according to socionics infj is entp's supervisor.. but you know these infjs... they re kind of which kind of fulfils infj compulsive need to be needed f.ex. in accomplishing tasks or taking care of themselves or some moral opinions but also entp's sooo helpful in not-worrying about everything and bringing more 'lightness' to they lives. combined with the communication at some abstract level and similar intuitive attitude to world. and also helping in some 'real world' vultures and then when an entp didn't need anything more from a infj - infj was just cut off of the circle of close friends as not useful. not bright enough. so close-minded. if its true about supervision...i guess that for infj its kinda particular cause entp are doing so well in life in general.... and i cannot recover:( -- infj/france
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A1 Don't worry about it. INFJ needs to bulid relationships off not being needed but wanted. Forget ENTP. -- paranormal
A2 are you serious? INFJ-ENTP is well known to be one of the most compatible relationships. Forget socionics. -- Anonymous
A3 I think A2 is completely out to lunch. I would probably take INFj on as a cause, trying to make them lighten up and loosen up, but after a while it would be too much work and I would give them up as a lost cause. I think on the ENTp side of things, the relationship can never work because it involves too much commitment. We need to flutter from one project to the next and when something becomes work we give up on it and let someone else finish what we started. Only someone who doesn't understand ENTp would say that INFj-ENTp is one of the most compatible relationships. Sorry INFj, I think you need to move on. -- ENTp female
A4 What do you mean A3 - that ENTp can't have any life long relationship because it involves commitment? and any effort is no-good for ENTp? ok i understand for the professional work - let some people be leaders and let someone else finish what they started . But not in relationships which are kind of more important task than professionsal work. I mean in life(!) Is it all false in such a basics as The Little Prince that "You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed." or was Saint Exupery just too dumb to understand people who "flutter from one project to the next" and what? from one human being to the next? people are more that socionics types -- ixxx
A5 @a2 even if infj you're talking about is infp it still won't be the 'most compatible' relationship. -- Anonymous
A6 As an entp female I can tell you that my six year relationship with an infj male was not only an unmitigated disaster, but also a complete gong show. Because we could relate on an intellectual level (which is not so easy to find in a person) I committed deeply and threw all my energy into the relationship, but ended up simply endlessly reacting intellectually to his (in my opinion) insane over-emotionality, which I did not really understand, a fact he was happy to point out again and again. Eventually he decided that he was unhappy, put all the responsibility for it on me, and left with no warning. Luckily as an entp it wasn't so hard for me to walk away from it, but it was certainly unpleasant, wasteful, and an experience I'd truly care not to repeat. Now to be fair, this particular infp was unhealthier than average mental health-wise, but judge for yourself. -- Anonymous
A7 About A3 comments...It's pygmalion to try to change someone else. This, itself, is what is the problem with man in general, trying to change everyone else..It's a paradox, because what is truly needed is the differences so as to complete a whole. (1+1=1!) I guess it just depends on why people enter relationships. ...and none, absolutely none of them are by default perfect. It's just that I have heard from a married person of 30 yrs that making them work is what it's about. Now, albeit, I don't know anybody who wants to take on more work than they can handle, but ENTP and INFJ are closely knit. The ENTP seeks a mindmate, the INFJ seeks to understand their emotions and thoughts rationally, which is what the ENTP has potential to do. So the two compliment each other from that standpoint. And if two people have fundamental values they share in common, and have deep connection, all the other stuff is trivial. And why not have some trivial stuff anyway, to keep things challenging? Ya know? -- Anonymous
A8 I am an INFJ and I have had a seriously relationship with an ENTP. It was amazing until our parents decided we were too serious. From what I've seen on this site and others most female ENTPs do not go well with INFJ males. But INFJ women are perfect for ENTP men. In the end it depends on the individual. Certain aspects of the INFJ differ from person to person and that definitely effects how the relationship will go. -- GDM
A9 the foundation you build around those relationships shakes and unnerves you -- Anonymous
A10 Correction to Poster A1: ENTPs seriously WANT & need those whom they choose to be with. They are as passionate as anyone - actually, more than most, for they are intrinsically highly selective. But when they KNOW deepest of what they want most, they usually believe or encounter a reason why they "cannot". Plus, they usually refuse to flirt and explore subtle emotional exchanges. They're all or nothing. ENTPs do not know how to directly and emotionally express their passions well in moderate ways, but trust me, the feelings ~ as messy as they are ~ ARE all there! -- Anonymous
A11 If you know with all your being that this was the deepest and closest bond you've ever known, forget type THEORY (in need of refinement, by the way). Basic psychologically compatibility is merely one component of a relationship. Human beings are much, much more than this. What you've already declared in your question is that this person was absolutely IT for you. So my guess is at minimum, they are in fact your dual - in addition to many other complementary factors between the two of you. Yes, there are types. Then there is (in this case the cold hard reality that all unique individuals, irreplaceable in a way that transcends any type categories. Sorry, I don't know what to tell you to improve your situation. -- Anonymous
A12 In MBTI Kiersey theory, their definitions of what it means to be ENTP and INFJ are a perfect match. -- Anonymous
A13 A4 asked, "Is it all false in such a basics as The Little Prince that 'You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.' or was Saint Exupery just too dumb to understand people who 'flutter from one project to the next' and what?" No and yes. There exist relationships which reach a point of no longer satisfying one party and/or the other, and at that point they should be dissolved. The key is when you have a recurrent, nagging feeling inside that something is missing, something is not right. It doesn't matter if externally everything in life looks hunky dory and successful, and if you can have happy moments. Watch the movie Dr. Zhivago. The man fricken married a woman who may as well have been his sister, and the woman he loved deeply who engaged his soul resulted in a tragic romantic saga that dragged out for their entire lives, even though they were mostly apart. As for Saint Exupery, I admire his writings but the man had no emotional intelligence whatsoever. Have you ever read his wife's posthumous memoir, The Tale of the Rose? If so, you would never take a modicon of relationship advice from Exupery again: professional spinner of beloved fictions but utter king of neglectful abuse in his private life. -- Anonymous
A14 I actually don't think that this particular relationship could ever work over a long period of time. All of the INFJ's that I've known have been completely irrational in most things they do and think. As an ENTP I can't imagine that combination. -- Anonymous
A15 no interest to play with infjs for long period. they want to control things with unlogical terms. i'd be friendly, but try neglecting them. entp me -- entryphone
A16 INFJ here. my husband is an ENTP. he is the best! we have the same sense of humor, both rely on our iNtuition a lot - love that! we have some vision! He is pretty tidy and shows me a lot of tlc - so it works out. he is also smart and hard working. he does take on too many projects, but to be fair, his ingenuity is one of the reasons i fell in love with him. he is my *perfect* match! good luck! -- INFj mom of 3 girls
A17 depends on the subtype I suppose. Ne ENTP will do well with Ne INFJ - Ne subtype is softer/more intuitive. An INFJ Fi subtype is rather erratic and colder. I feel I have to "take care" of the INFJ if it's Fi Subtype, I love taking care but only if they are "soft and open." I can see both types getting along but both types have to be open and have a complete understanding of how their personalities are, fortunately because they are N's they'll figure it out. -- ENTP Male
A18 I am an ENTp man who has been married to a INFj woman for 11 years and in general I would not reccomend it. I will admit that INFjs are very attractive to ENTps, there are just some major road blocks ahead for both. For one thing any creative ideas I come up with are met with emotionally skeptical respionses. We can discuss concepts, but I can never let my "p" out of the bag without having to anticipate a wet blanket response. This gets old and builds up resentment. -- ENTp 30 somthing
A19 seriously u guys are so picky if someone is 3/4 good for u then it should all be good, u all act like ur super intelligent gods, just get on with it and grow some tits, and keep the human race going -- Anonymous
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A20 A18 is correct. That's exactly how it is. -- Anonymous
A21 Well. I do agree with A18. I need to 'filterized' sentences on my mind before I spit it out to my INFJ girlfriend, make it sounds more gentle and soft. Sometimes they say unpredictable replies that successfully makes me think, "Why she replies like that? I mean what's the connection of my sentences and her replies?" But, I appreciate her stubbornness, it offers stability. And when she knows that Im down, she stops talking about it and try to calm me down. So, imo, she won't become a person who manages to be smarter than I do, but she provides the emotional supports I need to reach my goal. Well, I can't become a jumping monkey thief all thetime. Sometimes I need to stop and focus on what I have to do. And I need her to make me focus. Although she needs to mad at me, first. :s -- ENTPee Guy Yeah
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