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Question #1209659384Thursday, 1-May-2008
Category: Typing Fictional characters
What are the types of the Star Wars characters? -- Maggie
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A1 I would assume that the actors who play the characters are the same types in real life as in the movies. (The anxiety-prone C3PO and the interpid R2-D2 don't count because they're androids.) I was channel-surfing and 'The Empire Strikes Back' was on and it occured to me that Han Solo and Princess Leah would make a dual (ISTp-ENFp) at least if you accept their types as such in real life and then in the movie. It probably is a good example of a real-life duality, arguing and bickering all the time yet they somehow need each other and find a way to work out their differences in the end. -- econdude
A2 I think Yoda is INTP, Luke is INFJ and Darth is INTJ -- Anonymous
A3 i agree with solo-lea typing. The emperor i think is ENTj. Solo would supervise his ass. -- Bob
A4 Han Solo: ISTP Princess Leah: ENFP Luke Skywalker: ESFP Jabba the Hutt: ESTP Palpatine: ESFP (like Napolean) Darth Vader: ESTJ Obi-Wan Kenobi: INTP Lando Calrissian: ENFP Boba Fett: ISTP Jango Fett: ISTP Yoda: INTP Mace Windu: ISTP Queen Amidala: INFJ Grand Moff Tarkin: ENTJ -- oo ro
A5 The Emperor might have been meant to be an INTp - an NT, because he's a mastermind, and with very strong Ni, too: all throughout the two trilogies, his main occupation is interpreting contemporary situation and predicting future events. I think so also because he's fond of Anakin, whom I consider to be an Se. (Christensen looks like an ENTj, though.) Anakin together with Han Solo and Lando look very Se to me, because they stick to their N mates (Emperor and Luke) who offer them new ideas and opportunity to act. Those are the motives that make them change the parties. And in The New Hope, we see Han deciding to stay with the Rebels even though he cannot make money there. Because Se's like to have money but even more they like to have a good team they can fight for. Lando might have been meant to be an ESFp because he smiles so much and he's the only character in the trilogies whose behaviour I completely understand. But that's just a feeling. The other characters I am not sure of. -- Ezis (ESFp)
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A6 Luke- INFJ Leah- ESFJ (bossy princess-type) Han Solo- ISTP Anakin- ENFP turned INTP (Darth Vader) -- Anonymous
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