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Question #1209285197Sunday, 27-Apr-2008
Category: Stereotype
Which type is the most arrogant? -- Anonymous
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A1 NTP...eNTP always, iNTP when it serves a purpose...otherwise just liking to meld into the background -- Anonymous
A2 Definately an ENTp. -- Anonymous
A3 ESFp and ESFp, some of them don't care about anyone or anything, just what they personally can experience trough their senses. So, to them, if that means hurting someone, so be it. -- Anonymous
A4 Okay, so I have been relationshiply (my new word) involved with my boyfriend (so we say he is) Clint, an ISTP. I am an ENFP. My name is Isabel. I felt a sudden inclination to refer to us by names rather than types. Seems more considerate. Anyway, I'd really appreciate it if people could tell me some distinct differences between an ISFP and an ISTP? Because I'm not really sure what he is! He took a test for me online, and he got ESFP. But he is definitely not extroverted, and probably took the test absent-mindedly since he's not nearly as interested in the personality types as much as I am. He fits several characteristics, but is sometimes so sentimental it's hard to tell. we don't exactly fit together dually as far as I see, because there's a great lack of understanding at times which leads to a one-sided argument where i'm just frustrated and trying to get thoughts out of him, but he's just calm and barely says anything. he also has pretty bad ADD too though, which contributes to the lack of understanding in this one-sided arguments i take part in. he's usually detached but from what i gather, ISFPs don't like confrontation as much as i would like either, because they avoid conflict and think things over in their heads. so basically, please! tell me! the differences between ISFPs and ISTPs? i'd like as many opinions from ISFPs and ISTPs themselves as possible. that'd be greatly appreciated. if i wasn't exactly clear enough, because i'm never quite structured in explaining things non-verbally, just let me know and i'd be glad to clarify my question in anyway. -- Isabel_
A5 ENTJ hands down!!!! I know 3 and they all come across as arrogant. The question was about arrogance and not selfishness. There is a huge difference.I totally disagree on the INTP and ESFP. A4 was responding to what question??? -- Firstlite
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A6 i have also noticed a a deep sence of arrogance in the ENTj and ESTp in the deeper sence of the word actually beliveing it and not just putting up a front.... -- Anonymous
A7 Ant type, given a chance will be veeeeeery arrogant! But all should take notes from ENTp (I am one of them ...) for a little fee. lol -- Anonymous
A8 Subjective experience; ENTp, incl. myself, a master in arrogance I met - an INTJ, and also arrogance experienced with ENTJ, I have seen shades of it in other types as well, but not to the extent and memorable as the abovementioned examples. And the arrogance as such appears harder to break down initially in the NT's than the other types, the INTJ was a substantial challenge for an ENTJ who needed to proove his capabilities for sucseeding. To cite on experience again, doable, but unpleasant procedures. Unfortunately no INTP experience. -- ENTp
A9 Arrogance - as in - thinking that they know what they're talking about, but not knowing? No type. However, people enjoy labeling those who are more knowledgeable on a matter than themselves as "arrogant" by way of malicious self-defense. -- Anonymous
A10 All NT can be arrogant. But ENTJ is most arrogant and selfish. ENTJ must have control over everything (Dominionist). They see themselves as superior to others, above them (King of the Mountain). -- Anonymous
A11 Definitely E/INTJs -- Anonymous
A12 ENTJs' and ESTP! -- Anonymous
A13 A9, interesting perspective, in "people enjoy labeling those who are more knowledgeable on a matter than themselves as "arrogant" by way of malicious self-defense" I have always considered arrogance as something you display up front in a situation as a disguise for lacking knowledge and\or lacking situational efficiency in general, not as a proof of knowledge or mastery within the same frame. At least that is how and when I have used it, and the ones I have probed closer showing arrogance have all been on the deficient side of situational mastery one way or another, even if they happened to be right. They used deficient tools in the process of communication, and arrogance is a highly undesirable vessel for carrying and delivering a message. -- ENTp
A14 A3: It's more complicated with us: our Se makes it no problem not to notice other people on our way to some kind of goal or during an activity, while our Fi makes us extremely sensitive. So we're like a swing: sometimes totally reckless, sometimes afraid to start anything out of fear we might hurt someone and caring, maybe even too much, about others. I sometimes can't sleep because I think I might've hurt someone on my way to something, only to find out the next day that the person isn't feeling hurt at all. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A15 ExTx's. ENTJ's, however, seem to be the least capable of admitting to being wrong & the most intellectually domineering, blustery, & tyrannical-until you submit & become another in his/her army (er, social circle) of drones! -- Soc INTj, MBTI INTP, SLOAN rcoei, Enne 5w4
A16 Arrogance is a matter of perception in my experience. Most who call me arrogant are just highly insecure. Any sign of strong-will/self-assurance always gets chalked up as arrogant. I in no way believe others are beneath me. I don't go out of my way to spark a conversation with everyone I meet, but I do speak when spoken to and treat everyone with respect and value(unless you **** me off)... yet I still get called arrogant. You can't take outside opinions on your inner thought process seriously, you'll only become as insecure as those who judge without logic/substance. -- MBTI and Socionics INTJ
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