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Question #1209285183Sunday, 27-Apr-2008
Category: ENTp INTp Relationship
im an ENTp female that always goes for the INTp males. unfortunetly i always feel like they're not paying me enough that typical or am i just an attention __? -- ENTP
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A1 if there are a few things to be learned on this would be the value of staying away. your socionic metabolism orientation only serves this type at certain junctions and not much at many other -- @sirac
A2 I am an INTP female and living with an ENTP (male) room mate. We get along great, and understand each other well, but sometimes he does demand attention. I try to be patient, because I know how much he likes to make others laugh/think/discuss, but it can be hard. I get impatient with his attention-whoring when I have to do something... go to work, write a paper, practice my instrument, etc. Before you say/do something that requires his complete attention for more than a couple minutes, that he actually DOES have time to listen and interact with you. I feel like my room mate either REQUIRES attention NOW! or wants to be left alone. Hope that helps. -- Anonymous
A3 I'm an ENTp female with the same general problem. In general I find that I'm happiest if I can get my INTp talking. He agrees with me on the big stuff but is much better at expressing it coherently and he's just generally interesting to listen to. And as long as I'm not the one talking I don't feel as if I'm being an attention ___. (Which is sort of an inaccurate perception because by talking to me he is giving attention...) -- Anonymous
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A4 I've found if you give 10 INTP's for 1 ENTP that the ENTP will be most popular guy around. 1 to 1 the ENTP should be interested in what the INTP has to say. Do a lot of listening. Otherwise, your falling for the wrong guys? -- Anonymous
A5 INTPs make every feel that way, it's nothing personal. You probably aren't an attention whore by normal standards but by an INTPs standards...yeah you probably are. It's not your fault, it's just the way we are. We just need about triple the amount of time to ourselves as the normal Ixxx, and about ten time more than the average Exxx. So...yeah. -- An INTP female
A6 I am an ENTP male and I just have one question. How is the uncovered description so horrifyingly, yet amusingly accurate? I mean you saw through me like a zip-lock bag! -- Charmani
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