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Question #1209112396Friday, 25-Apr-2008
Category: Functions Intuition Theory
Title "Ni = Time, and Belief" My question is simple, what case study do you guys have that shows is good with time? I can't predict anything, I cannot forecast future events. I really cannot do much of anything time related. Yet you guys are so firm on this, that Ni is great with time. I was beginning to think that Ni is good with time because all the other intuitive abilities that Ne took up were to good to give to Ni, so you gave it the smallest one, time. And as for belief, well I can sort of see where you got that. But I'm going to cry now because my type sucks. I feel like everyone else got super powers and I got the awesome ability to not be very effective at forecasting future events. I predict I won't get a lot of responses. -- Lord Java the 3rd
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A1 I would like to see what case studies you have to say that 'we' as in 'us guys' all think that Ni=time. You know, Bob here's got an answer for you, but it probably isn't the answer you expect, because it doesn't directly apply to your question. -- Bob
A2 which type are you there, Java? -- Anonymous
A3 A2 He posted as an INTp on another topic so I'm guessing that's his type. According to the INTp profile on this site INTps are supposed to be naturally good at forecasting future events and predicting other people's moves. Supposedly that's one of the very unique benefits of being INTp. Sounds pretty amazing but I guess not all INTps are like that. I'm not sure if Ni is really time related or not but I happen to suck at estimating time, telling time (even with a watch -_-), getting to places on time, keeping track of time, etc... and I'm an INTp. I also have trouble reading people, so I never actually know what they're going to do next. But usually I'm pretty good at detecting errors or when something's heading for disaster, and I watch out for those things. And I see analogies everywhere... for example, between a crowded hallway and societal progress. If the people up farthest in the hallway are going slowly, and the people directly behind then have no objections, then the people behind THEM will be forced to go slowly, therefore everyone will be forced to move up at snails pace, only because the people farthest up are slow-pokes! Likewise, if the people higher up in society are slow to react to problems, then then people below them are bound to struggle. Also, I believe in moderation! Anything done in excess will keel up and die. No exceptions. -- Anonymous
A4 Is always coming up with analogies an 'N' thing to do, or INTp thing? I am an INTP and I am always coming up with analogies to explain situations. My 8 yr old is also starting to do doing this. I am thinking he is an INFP because he is very cuddly and NEEDS a kiss and hug every night type. I am also terrible at time management, I actually hate the clock! The only time I read people is if I really like them or I really don't trust their motives. The normal everyday Joe or everyday situation I could care less about. -- Firstlite
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