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Question #1208808341Monday, 21-Apr-2008
Category: Gay Typing
there was recently this question...which Type has the most gays. it came out that INTJ's fit the 'closet class' best, and that the duals of ISTP's...ENFP's were the 'most out there class'{and that ISTPs such as the great poster iAnnAu could capitalize on there duals vibe..quite sensibily with a play that comes from deep within the ISTP psyche}. This is my question...i just want to know what is the ENFP correlary to this theorem. the THEOREM for INTJ Homosexuals: "as the PoLR of the INTJ is body care occurs to me that they, in the normal path of suffering given to and INT would predispose toward homosexuality". so how would an ENFP PoLR predispose to there process. Otherwise being the great INTP sirac, i would say hold on...for another feature this site has shown us is that INTPs fail miserably in relationships were they have been recognized to early... -- @sirac
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A1 I'm gonna offer some free advice: 1) When you write an introduction to your topic, stay on that topic only and offer background information so that people can understand. 2) Write full and complete sentences; punctuation will organize your ideas. 3) If you have a new idea, start a new paragraph. 4) If you must, take a course or seek an outside source to help you practice these concepts. For the life of me I can't understand your question. I'd love to attempt to offer a response, but in light the complete lack of organization, I don't know where, or with what, to begin. -- Anonymous
A2 A1, I'm not sure that @sirac is human. Perhaps a faulty AI computer program. -- Anonymous
A3 It's not a question, it's more a way of life. -- Bob
A4 A2, sirac is quite human, he just likes to be misunderstood. It's a strange idea if you don't use Ni like he does, but the highest forms of communication are extremely hard to represent with English. By writing the way he is, you can put emphasis on certain highlights and if you have the concepts to build bridges from one to another, you can piece together what he is saying. It's really just a way of using the language to achieve a superior way of communication. Sure it's broken, but it's all he has to use. His style adds what he perceives to be relevant dimensions of information into words that are previously known to be more simple. It's a lot like taking a word used for color, a word used for platform, and a word used for size, to create a conceptual combination that is required to understand the bigger picture he was getting at. It's all about analog style thinking. ^ The above is nothing but bunk, I just thought I'd take a stab at the curious workings of siracs mind. *smiles* -- Lord Java the 3rd
A5 Bob here. Javaboy, you've got a point. I see that sort of thing in those who score INTp and who also score somewhere on the autism spectrum. It's like Ni gone *that* way. -- Bob
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A6 @A5 Hey Bob, You also might take note that @sirac doesn't care if you understand him or not. In fact, the more people that don't understand him, the smarter he will think he is. He is also giving us INTps a bad name by creating a sort of brotherhood on this site. An INTp clan. That's just one more mark to be chalked up by Lord God of the forum, SG. As he will take it that @sirac is building a church. That reflects bad on my type, and consequently puts me in a bad mood. But yeah, I could describe to you what @sirac is thinking, being somewhat of a translator. However, some of the esoteric ramblings will remain esoteric, because there is nothing to describe them with in English. I could only build up to an outsider understanding them, I would have to create words, and I don't think anyone is that interested. Anyway, thanks for replying to my posts, it makes me feel like I'm being noticed when I used to think my chatter was invisible. -- Lord Java the 3rd
A7 as a poster now: Lord Java the can i but not respond to you. but with what can i respond...perhaps being inordinately proud that there is another INTP poster on this site...but i can't do that...i am apparently the source for embracement. So let me speak with a 'beyond this forum mentality'...very glad that someone has the mental foresight (obviously by there own mental workings) to embrace the European Philosophical tradition..(that is a rare gift to anyone..may i recommend Derida to u Java)..and that is a compliment which will save you from any wrath i preceive to go anywhere near you. How can there be a zone for wrath. Beware i have placed this comment oppurtunity at extremely the right place in time/diplomatic relations. Was it not you lord Java WHO has come apon 2 object situtions. the 1st is the place of the your one post u loosely refered to it as the menial intp super-power confined to a non-profit/non-sense area of 'time management'; and the 2nd is that of 'intp clanhood'. Those are the topics...i can only list my orientation toward these. intps are mis-represented...we are apparently near autistics or socio-paths, in more social domains questions often get pitted against do INTPs like to have fun...intps are failing in relationships..etc. In other words there is a whole complex preception in the minds of other types related to us. Normally INTPs don't post in response...and when they do, it may be in a one liner comment that says 'yes i am socially normal' and in the second pitting a laugh at the topic. In my strategy formulations this is not the way to go about things. In a few words, one as the INTP has to be exhaustive..i.e.yes i acknowledge the X [autistic] association to intps but in my experience only these and these sets are relatable..2 alot has to do with my 'political orientation' and 3..u people misuse or misunderstand the text of your statement or question. Thats all i do. it's better than being a p####y, another common association associated to INTPs... but atleast i have my inner gratitude at being able to say that in the domain of strategy thinking and planning the real INTP super-power, i have out-done u all, and u know it, which is why u won't come nearer with your present set of presumptions. that is what i say, that is the sum of my orientation. now laugh if u can, and if u can, i will get it. -- @sirac
A8 Title: "Gays: in which way is 'gayness' related to type." Introduction:...a recent thread has shown that two types prevail dominantly in being gay. The types are INTJ's and ENFP. Chapter Two..title:"how 'gayness' is relatable to the PoLR of a type"..literature:...the PoLR of an INTJ is loosely stated 'Bodily consciousness' (people have said that INTJs are fitness freaks...some INTJs have demurred and said that they are not so fitness centred...therefore i take the INTJ PoLR to be body centred...merely linking this WORK to as a 'acute over-CONSCIOUSNESS of body relative to the body consciousness of other socionics types')....Chapter 3: my paradigm on the social evolution of becoming gay in an INTJ is that they are Body-centred..,..and that there concepts of life develop more or less directly from this...hence certain INTJs become gay as we have seen in our data. CONCLUSION: i can't that would be exhaustive, so by placing this post in a QUESTION category...certain naunces of disagreement my go to my central theory. The question i would like to pose, that is if people can countenance my INTJ conclusion is this... that you the poster may provide a solution telling us about the ENFP evolution to 'gayness'.. also please show how this process would involve the PoLR of the ENFP. thank-you -- @sirac
A9 I really don't know anything about this but I have heard that some people are simply born "gay", nothing to do with type, gender, upbringing, whatsoever. But if certain physical characteristics are related to type I suppose this is also possible. But how does "body-centeredness" relate to being homosexual? -- Mook, an INTp
A10 Sirac, I get what your talking about - I would write it more concisely, but then you you complain of losing some of the nuance. I don't think the other homosexuality thread established that INTjs where closet cases at all, although a few INTjs did reply who were privately homosexual. I think the type most likely to out themselves would be ESFp and ENFp, however. I think this has more to do with our shared HA than POLR. 'To know' can involve controversial, or taboo, knowledge, like that involving sexuality. This does not increase the chances of these types being homosexual - but if they are, they tend to be more interested in sexuality as a concept and talk about it like other people discuss current affairs. It's a hidden agenda, though, so it might not be the most obvious thing at first. As an ENFp, I have an interest in the really wide varieties of human relationships out there, and that includes sexuality, but I don't let it on to people that I'm trying to figure them out in that way. I'm not really following you on how the INTj POLR leads to homosexuality. Maybe you mean that it leads to a secretly homoerotic interest in athleticism, or the body of yourself and people of the same gender? Is that what you're saying? That's funny. I don't know why, but that idea tickles me. It's probably not true though - unless any INTjs out there want to confirm it? Your theory would make INFjs the same, btw. It could be another HA thing, in this case . The obsession with being healthy - closet gym bunnies perhaps? This post is looking a bit immature, now *haha*. I don't think, given the partly physical nature of homosexuality, that the other types are bereft of different sexualities. Human sexuality is much more complex than socionics, so all this is just idle speculation. -- pandapanda
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