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Question #1208684344Sunday, 20-Apr-2008
Category: INFp ISFp Relationship
INFps do you have any good ISFp friends? ISFps do you have any good INFp friends? What's the relationship like? -- curious
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A1 I have a fairly good INFp friend; my suitemate here at college. My roommate is an ESFj and hers is an ISFj (I think). Anyway, even though we don't spend a lot of time "hanging out" together because we're so busy, since we live together we do interact a lot and get along extremely well. We tend to have quick 'conversations'; I'll find a funny quote or picture on the internet and call her in to show her, or she'll tell me a story about her day. We seem to have the same sense of humor much more than either of our roommates. We've also had a few deeper talks about personal or relationships problems. It's a little strange because we both have other people we're closer to, but I think that since we're so similar and we both recognize this, we feel like it's sometimes better to go to each other to get the opinion of someone with a more similar mindset. All in all, it's a wonderful relationship. I think the world of her, and we get along exceptionally well. -- ISFp
A2 I LOOOVE INFps! , , and one more ! -- ISFp
A3 my significant other is an isfp - he admires my uniqueness, my being passionately into different things and interests and i admire his tolerance and acceptance. we like to comment on the world around us in a very sarcastic way - first i am a bit unsure/shaken, but when he laughs, i have to laugh as well because then i know, it is just humor. he is very warm and romantic. there is a constant conflict: sometimes he is boring me, because he doesnt have a plan for how we spend our weekends, then i am upset because i want possibilities, ideas, meybe even a little plan ahead, but he basically likes to hang around, not minding the sun goes up and down. then i get unsettled, because i fear that we miss out all the good stuff. he is not at all inspiring to me but he is there for me, i can talk to him about everything, he doesnt judge, rather tries to help, whenever i got a problem. -- infp
A4 my boyfriend is an isfp, i am infp. he's got some twinges of esfp, some characteristics. i've got some rational (nt) characteristics, also some isfp. i dont think your asking too much about how a romantic relationship works between the two, but.. we're both very go with the flow. we try and make plans that we are going to do something and end up always breaking them for something else. that's more of his doing, but i don't really care. i have all these big dreams, sort of a big picture of how to save humanity and this earth (the NF part, which he admires, if he doesnt understand), he's much more focused on just "living right now." but we understand each other and know that those differences give each one something to learn from the other. we've both been patient with each other, in waiting for the other to get comfortable in a different way of expressing emotions- his is sexual, mine verbal. typical =) he grounds me in this world, my loyalty to ideals, people and the future amazes him. so its great =) -- Anonymous
A5 i'm an infp and i don't have any isfp friends, but i have a best friend who is isfj, which is probably a lot different. i imagine the relationship would be rather nice, as both types are amiable, and laid back. it may be more of a boring relationship for the infp, since they like to be inspired, but i'm sure the infp would appreciate how accepting, and laid back the isfp is. i want an isfp friend! -- Anonymous
A6 my boyfriend (ISTj) has a best friend who is ISFp. its kind of strange, because we spend time together as the three of us, but my boyfriend seems to be the only one ever talking much, or making many plans, and his best friend and I just kind of go with the flow. he is a nice person, but is just uninteresting to me. -- Anonymous
A7 My best friend is an ISFP. Her and I have been friends since kindergarten, and we're still very, very close. We get along really well, however we both are touchy towards eachother once in a great while. I can say anything I want to her, and her the same with me. We're both very open with eachother. -- Anonymous
A8 Lots of beta NFs are my good friends, I just looove their , and they just love me, because I adore them. -- ISFp
A9 A5 pretty much nailed it. -- INFp guy
A10 INFps like to be inspired and ISFps like adventure which is why INFps and ISFps can be boring to each other. -- Anonymous
A11 I almost asked this question, but it didn't go through... ANYWAY- I was going to ask because I can't think of any ISFP friends I have, except maybe one. I agree that they probably bore each other. They are both 'go with the flow' so it seems like it would be hard to have a relationship. The ISFP I know is delightful, I REALLY like her, she's so sweet. But we can't ever get a conversation going I agree with A5 that ISFJs are a lot different. My sister is an ISFJ and we are SO close, it seems like we have a lot to offer each other. -- INFPPPPP
A12 I love my INFp friend, she's really really rad. I trust her and I know i can vent to her. But the only thing is, is she's really clingy... and likes a lot of quality time and i like a lot of my own space. But other than that they're great! - ISFp -- Anonymous
A13 I'm another INFp who was going to ask a question similar to this! ISFp's have always been a really positive force in my life and I find them anything but boring! This may be due (partly) to the fact that I grew up in a family of sensors and I'm much more of a visual learner/communicator than a verbal one. Working on creative projects with ISFp's is really satisfying because they don't overanalyze ideas and know how to keep things spontaneous. My ISFp friends are very active in the areas of music, fashion, film, DIY projects, gardening etc. If I start talking philosophy or theory, most of them will be interested in the subject for a while They're also really fun to party with. Oddly, the only ISFp I don't get along with is my mom. She can be pretty anti-intellectual and suspicious of abstract thinking. My mom says a lot of mean, judgemental things to me but I wonder how much of that is a generational difference and the fact that she's a lot more traditional. Whatevs, 99% of ISFp's are really awesome people!! -- INFp
A14 i'm an isfp and i like infp's but they're a bit too airy fairy and i just want to enjoy myself right now! -- Anonymous
A15 INFp's are sweet but too squirrelly for me.-ISFp -- Anonymous
A16 my best friend of 10 years is an ISFp, we get along great. we like to watch movies and be lazy all day when we're together, we used to do a lot of Si activities - riding bikes and going on walks (she wanted to do those things, me not as much ). but recently we dont have as much time for those kinds of things. -- Anonymous
A17 My INFP cousin is pretty aggressive. Yes, an aggressive INFP, I know. She's not following the stereotype ). But she is indeed INFP. I thought she was, she took the test and got the result as well, and agreed with the descriptions. I would typically have a good time with her until she tried to "fix" me so that I could behave the way she wants. Then we would have really bad arguments to the point when I was making a conscious effort of avoiding her. But recently now she realizes she was being intrusive to me and is more accepting of me now, so it's getting better between us. I haven't seen her in awhile though so I don't know how it would be when we meet face to face again. -- ISFP
A18 I have a male isfp friend. I think we used to like each other but we never told each other. I guess we never wanted to mess up a good friendship. We are still friends. -- Anonymous
A19 I am INFP and my long time best friend is ISFP. I appreciate her kind, relaxed approach and her more grounded observations of life. I can open up to her about anything and she will acknowledged my feelings, even if she doesnt agree.She gives very good, realistic advice (more like gentle suggestions) I love her optimism and playfulness too. She can make me smile in 2 seconds flat.I'm not sure what she gets out of our friendship, she seems to appreciate my sincerity and occasional expressions of encouragement or admiration (not hard to give, she is so very sweet and talented) It has been a very comfortable and rewarding friendship for over 20 yrs. -- Anonymous
A20 I got a friend who probably is INFP. She's really opinionated about her values, and sorta romantic -sometimes eccentric, in her likes -I don't talk many about and, even we dreamday together, I prefer be confused in something more tangible in the end. Have to say she helps me to express myself better, cuz I'm prone to be more aloof, not expressive talking about what I think or feel about something like her. However, while she shows out all her passion ahead, I tend to be calmer telling her instead being speculative 'bout ppl and further situations and she better should enjoy what she's living now. The funny thing she's always advising me about chances I could win (I shall do something with), but often just dismiss it. Both of us are sensitive, creative and passionate about what we like -Although she's more prone to be focus of new concepts, while I don't, being focus in more physical activities. Even so, we have many in common to share with each other, being able to complement what the other needs to develop. -- LynxSphinx/ISFP
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A21 I am ISFP-woman. My relationship with INFp is neutral. I do not love him, he's just a friend, not my type. -- Jitka
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